Project: Initiating new XR local groups

I’m trying to de-clutter my brain with things that I used to do for XR Vic and haven’t had the time to lately and really want to see happening. This is a brief outline of how to start new xr branches across Vic/anywhere which I think we should be doing. Please reply if you can help with this - or offer feedback to make the process simpler.

The idea of this process is to move rebels from “engaged” to “active” by starting a local group in their area… and thus the rest of the process of increasing engagement along the spectrum too.

Step 1 Look at MAP to see where we have rebel sign ups but no existing local groups (n.b. this webpage is not fully up to date)

Step 2 work out what postcodes are covered by the area where a new group would be ideal to start (this is because we can contact our sign-ups by filtering them in the database by postcode)

Step 3 (could be interchangeable with Step 4) Contact someone with Vic Action Network access e.g. @nilsf @ageorge to email the people in this postcodes to see if they are keen to get a local group going. Usually will get a few replies. These people can then be activated to help with coordinating an intro talk in the area and promoting it, and potentially getting the first meeting off the ground.

Step 4 (this one is a bit of a dance between the various variables)
Liaise between:

  • XR vic intro talk speakers - e.g. this list (insert link here) or by asking on the mattermost channel
  • The new local contact and kirsty (our booking agent :wink: via to book a venue to host an intro talk at a suitable time

in order to get a venue and speaker confirmed for the HFEAWTDAI talk

Step 5 get the talk listed in this spreadsheet - this will mean the talk (once the action network event is created) is listed in this “outward facing” upcoming talks list that goes in the newsletters and is easily digestible. Also in the spreadsheet are instructions to get the poster created.

Step 6 share the poster with the local contact and ask them to print it and stick it up around the place, e.g. in the venue. Also share the event in local sympathising fb pages and groups (this could be done by the contact in the area, or proactively by… you!

Step 7
induct the new group into the Base forum, probably MM as well, and connect them to the upcoming, organised zoom calls for Local Group Support (this is in the pipelines, see @ageorge @luke_m @epacris )

Step 8
Connect new group to rebel starter pack (please link here), and the in progress local group bible @epacris without over assualting new groups with too much technical shiz

Step 9
Get the new group created in Action Network and set up with AN admins.
This would also include some kind of briefing - interconnecting with the rest of XR Vic (insert link to that discussion here :wink: ) - about not overloading people with emails.

etc. etc.

Please post feedback to this process and add relevant resources here (this is wiki editable topic - you can edit it) and if you can help in any chunks (i think it’s quite possible to really break down this process (as you can see above) so that all of us acting together can help spread the gospel of xr across the state, the nation easily and quickly! Until now i’d been envisaging this as a centralised kind of role but the centralised aspect is actually kind of small, clunky and does not mitigate for power or invite inclusion. And most importantly it’s stressful and isn’t being done!

Note: I know there are local groups keen to get started in the following areas that just needs to be actioned:

  • Highett
  • City of Melbourne/North Melbourne
  • City of Whittlesea
  • Werribee area

Here is the UK mass mobilisation plan for 2020 as well

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Hey, raising something for the AusMM mobilisers.
All are probably keeping tabs on the opportunities presented by towns that were hit by bushfire last Summer. But what’s also worth revisiting is towns affected by mismanagement of the Murray-Darling.

Just returned to mind because of an ABC news piece on TV tonight. Check out these articles:

Some tricky political dynamics to negotiate because of tensions between agricultural and environmental water allocations, but these are communities who are already using the language of rebellion, and engaging in protest actions. There’s a wealth of material you can find through google on it.

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Here is a modern 2021 Update


We have about 33,000 people on mailing list in Australia. The majority are not connected in to a local group.

Is to connect people and create exponential growth in active XR members.
This is a process of both initiative and creation and then fundamentally ALSO support. In Victoria, Welcoming and Systems do Action Network support, Rebel Ringing does call and SMS support, etc. Neighbouring Local groups do support!


Local group development spreadsheet

Existing Local groups (for connect to new groups as they start)


Choose area

Organise a HFE talk (around 3 weeks in advance) – request a speaker via Talks team

Reach out to keen locals to find a local lead – they might be able to offer a venue (interchangeable)


  • Create AN event here is a template HFE event you can duplicate or see the example here
  • Email campaign to targeted area (think tell them, tell them again, tell them again, tell them) – Template RESOURCE here
  • Rebel ring the people in that area (start with most recent signups as priority)
  • SMS campaign (could be with video – example video)
  • Contact to get the AN event turned into FB event (XR Vic) and ask XR LG’s/XR Vic/XR Australia to co-host. Then share the event on sympathetic local pages, discussions, etc.
  • Posters stuck up locally
  • Leafletting locally
  • Do stalls/doorknock – whatever you want – to promote
  • Go on local radio, etc.


  • Have a local group developer in attendance who can support them (and support the HFE presenter(s)
  • make space welcoming with drinks and food if possible
  • Give presentation (best practice includes time for people to mingle etc and also discuss how they feel)

Straight after HFE

  • Give the group a chance to discuss the next steps
  • Insert Rosas print out and meeting guide
  • Ask people when they want to organise to meet again [quite possibly they will say – same time same place next week]
  • Get people to download and join the Signal group

Follow up meeting

Proposal that an ‘organiser’ goes along to first few LG meetings to help set culture and support group as they take off.

  • Here is sample first meeting templates from WA for reference
  • General plan is for the LG to
    • Do an action within 3-6 weeks
    • Do outreach activities to continue to grow the group
    • Receive NVDA training

Keep ongoing connection and updates in the Development spreadsheet and connect with Systems Support group to get AN set up, etc etc.

Find a group comms admin/s that can get upskilled in AN so they can send emails to the area etc

Connect the fledgling group to regular LG support meetings

Connect the group to other relevant forums…

Further details

Step 1- where to start a group Look at MAP to see where we have rebel sign ups but no existing local groups (n.b. this webpage is not fully up to date)

Or look at Jane’s Sheet outlining important political areas/areas that have (had) active local Lock the Gate or other climate groups:

Or, through rebel ringing New signups, there should ALWAYS be the question:

“Are you interested in connecting locally with likeminded people?” and those who say yes should be connected to a Local group developer/organiser to help them

:sunglasses: Thanks @ageorge! City of Whittlesea postcodes are now allocated to either Darebin or Nillumbik.
See Vic Local Groups spreadsheet. :seedling:

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