🌱 How Movement Building is going by State

Here is the latest


showing how rebels on the mailing list are dispersed in the nation.

Here is also an interesting piece of spreadsheetery which shows that Dun Dan DUN

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 12.42.05 am

Tasmania has the highest per capita sign ups of 0.280%…

(which is one proxy for movement participation - another could be Facebook followers (in which case SEQ has a lot more than Victoria for example.)

… of all states and territories.

Victoria comes next which could be attributed to our bad ass - yet totally flawed process of Proto-Mass-Mobilisation which we commenced last year earnestly between May and September, and continued after that as well.

Here are some of the issues that our local group questionnaire (from October) highlighted to us and recommendations that were made based on them. I think the Mass Mobilisation strategy does well to address them, along with the use of this Base forum.

PS you may need to request access to Vic Base to see the post/link above

And here is our approximate plan for starting new Local Groups - but the Mass Mobilisation strategy will have more details/ or a bigger picture details too


Hi, Thanks for this analysis. Many factors such as demographics and geography etc will be influencing these results, but interesting to see. Any reason you have not included the ACT?


As far as I can tell I think the ACT sign-ups have automatically been included within NSW because (I imagine…) the postcodes start with the same number. Could that be right?

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Not able to access the questionnaire. How to get onto Vic Base???

Join the Victoria state group.

could we get this moved to the mobilisation/outreach thread please ?


@ageorge the link to the questionnaire is bad. You might want to update that.

@anthea It’s in the Victoria sub-group so you have to join that to see… https://base.ausrebellion.earth/g/State-Victoria

Thanks so much for this. It makes assessment of how the mobilisation is going much much easier! Paula