Category Topics

👶 First Steps on the Base

READ THESE TO GET STARTED. Have you just arrived and don’t know where to start? This ‘First Steps on the Base’ category contains essential information to read before you start using the XR Australia base forum! There are five steps, taking about 10 minutes.

📚 Resources, Guides & Procedures

(Work in progress) Find out how to best use this database, our IT tools and essential documents.

🎯 Actions

For discussion and organizing of Extinction Rebellion Australia’s actions.

*️⃣ Anything Goes

Talk about anything that doesn’t fit in the other categories here.

🎭 Arts

Collaborate on creative artistic stuff here. Make the rebellion beautiful!
Home of Paint the Streets

🕊 Climate Justice

For discussion of how Extinction Rebellion is working towards climate justice and supporting First Peoples’ struggles

⚡️ Infrastructure

For organizing the infrastructure and technology of Extinction Rebellion in Australia.

🤝 Movement Building

For outreach and building the Extinction Rebellion movement in Australia.

🌱 Regenerative Culture

For building of Extinction Rebellion Australia’s regenerative culture.

☝️ Base Feedback & Support

Feeling lost? Have ideas for improvement? The Forum Feedback category is for users to ask for support, and to discuss the structure, moderation and use of this forum. This is the Base category where we talk about the Base.