📧 Paint the Streets Mailing List - Email Newsletters

I have just made a basic “Keep in the Loop with Paint the Streets Australia” form on Action Network here. People signing up with this form go onto a mailing list so we can keep people up to date with development of Paint the Streets and let people know about meetings, workshops, new designs or slogans to try, or whatever else. Please encourage anyone who is interested to sign up for it.

Currently anyone who attended the first meeting and gave me their email address, and anyone who RSVP’d for the second meeting is on the list - 40 people.

I am going to send a follow-up email (post planning meeting) tomorrow with all the information people need to get started with paint the streets.

The reason for the deadline of tomorrow is to update everyone about the sunday stencil session and give them the zoom link.

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I’ll draft the email here. This post is in wiki mode so that anyone can add their edits.

Edit: This email was sent out this morning.


There is a newsletter automatically being mailed out to people who sign up for the mailing list using the form here.

At the moment it is the following:

It would be good to edit it after the next meeting.