:xr: Stickers! Stickers!

Brad has enquired with a few sticker companies.
His best offer was for $125 for 1000 stickers - with increasing discounts for bigger orders.
Minimum 500 per design.

He is making another enquiry with another company which he heard was both cheaper and with a smaller environmental footprint.

We were thinking of setting up a bulk order system so that rebels from around the country could order and get the discount rate - and we could mail out their stickers.


What size stickers are we talking about?

5cm radius.

Yarra LG were happy to order 300 based on the prices above.
ACT - 2000
Brad (Westside) - 1000
Costas (Mornington) - 800

Just got the quote back today, we can get 10,000 stickers for $2516.80, which works out to just over 25 cents a sticker.
They will come in rolls of 500 (easy for distribution), and each roll will include all ten designs consecutively laid out in order then the pattern repeats.
So it’s probably best if we make the minimum order 500 stickers for just over $125 plus postage.


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We could have got a better price if we got each roll of 500 with the same design but I’m personally not keen on counting out thousands of different stickers for distribution.

Looks like it’s 6cm diameter so quite big stickers in waterpoof vinyl, and Impact printing claims to be completely carbon neutral. I will check in with the XR Vic Finance WG to see if we can get approval to order it - if we expect a bunch to go to various other regional groups and local groups that will pay for their part of the order then I’m sure we can go ahead with it.

We can ask keen groups to start mapping out where their walks and bike rides will be to distribute the stickers well :slight_smile:

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With a minimum order of 500 stickers, including postage, it’s 26.96 cents per sticker.

$2516.80 / 10,000 = $0.251 / sticker.
A roll of 500 = 0.251 * 500 = $125.84 for the roll
Add on $8.95 for Aus Post parcel postage = $134.79

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Sweet :blush:

Have shared the files with Larissa Payne, she’s going to share them nationally, hopefully this takes off…

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Last design was tweaked to a more rebellious message on Janes suggestion.


Love your work @brad333. Im hoping we’ll be able to order some for my local group

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That’s the idea, as soon as we get them printed up the call will go out to all LG’s.
(Your Kate designed them)

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The order form is LIVE.

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Please share the order form with XR Regional and Local groups that you think might be interested.

We’ve had orders for 18,000 stickers after a monster order of 5,000 stickers for XR WA today.
I’ve closed the order form and put up an expression of interest form here.

ACT - 2000 stickers (single order, Canberra)
NSW - 2000 stickers (4 orders)

  • 500 Bondi
  • 500 Newtown
  • 500 Sydney
  • 500 Newcastle

Queensland - 500 stickers (single order, Townsville)
South Australia - 3000 stickers

  • 500 to unknown address (TBC)
  • 1000 Inner SW Adelaide
  • 500 Outer SW Adelaide
  • 1000 Macclesfield

Victoria - 4500 stickers

  • 2500 Westside Melbourne
  • 500 Nillumbik (NE Melbourne)
  • 500 Yarra (Inner Nth Melbourne)
  • 500 Port Phillip (S Melbourne)
  • 500 South Gippsland (regional)

Western Australia - 6000 stickers

  • 500 Perth
  • 500 Bayswater (NE Perth)
  • 5000 on behalf of XR WA

Brad should be receiving the first 10,000 on Friday and should be able to mail them out.

I propose that we send 500 of the first batch to each of the above areas - and then follow up the remaining stickers to those who made the bigger orders. This is so that everyone who has made an order can start getting stickers onto the streets in their area ASAP.

This would mean people in Westside Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide maybe having to share rolls at first.


or from the first order:

I missed ordering before it went offline. I have filled in the expression of interest form. Is there anything else I need do to get 500 stickers for Southern Gippsland, or does filling out the expression of interest form put me on a list and I will hear in due course?

you’ll hear in due course - we just wanted to put a hold on the money-taking part of the operation so we could see how hard the distribution bit was :slight_smile:
We had orders for 18,000 stickers in less than 10 days so there’s likely to be a lot more orders.

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First batch of 10,000 has arrived, will be filling out the addresses on the envelopes over the weekend and posting on Monday.