💚 Campaign Packs: Arts, Messaging and Actions Resources

Hey all, @ManicMax @jess, at our last meeting I talked about developing specific PTS arts, media & messaging campaign briefs/resources.

My idea is that these may be used in two ways: to stimulate new XR civil disobedience actions, and to support existing actions.

I’ve developed an example, based on gas exploration. Im dropping it here.

I’d like to hear from media & messaging people @jessmd_brisbane @Jean_Lestrange, @xr-act-media, rachael (sydney), @zoe_k, @JaneM. Is this an idea you could contribute to/would be useful to you in your role? Can you suggest improvements?

I would like to hear from our artists @kate_s @zoe_k and @Jean_Lestrange: is this something you can work with and add to? Can you suggest improvements?

I would also welcome feedback from the actions crew @bethal @costasmaniatis and others. Can this brief be of use in your existing/future actions? Can you suggest improvements?

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Thank you @RosariaRebel. This is a great initiative. Yes we should definitely coordinate and target our painting of the streets with broader campaign(s) and briefing packs like this will be invaluable. Sadly it looks like other types of actions may be challenging for a while but there’s lots of scope for effective action within Paint the Streets.

Some thoughts on which topics to focus on - and hopefully develop packs for …

XR UK is doing local actions from August 28 building to a four degrees blockade at parliament on 1 September. Maybe we could start with gas etc messaging soon and have another wave around four degrees and societal collapse etc in September?

It’s also worth keeping in mind that there are state/territory elections in NT, ACT and Queensland in October. And council elections in Vic in October too with quite a few climate emergency/citizens assemblies candidates standing.

Just a couple of suggestions for the immediate future:

  • #dirtygas is an old favourite from years ago. It’s amazing how many still gas is a relatively clean ‘transition fuel’

  • #gasstinks is a great new one!

  • how about #nogas as well as #nonewgas? There are parts of the broader climate movement that are working on getting homes off gas (and avoiding connecting new housing developments to gas) so as to reduce demand for gas and cut into the ‘eastern states gas shortfall’ story. (Mark Butler, who is one of the better politicians on the climate emergency, is being heavily lobbied by Vic businesses who fear gas shortages.) And we need to close down existing gas infrastructure as well as stopping new gas. (The ‘gas shortfall’ story also links to that vile proposal for a west-east gas pipeline.)

  • two or three hashtags is plenty. #nogas #nonewgas and #dirtygas would be my top three - especially as they are already in use by the wider movement - plus maybe #gasstinks !

  • it would be good to develop a pack to give some Paint the Streets support to our intrepid forests campaigners in Vic too. They are doing great work but not getting much traction in the media. It would be better to have just one major focus but the logging of our few remaining unburnt forests is such an an urgent issue from so many angles so maybe two foci would be okay?

  • It has been hard to identify a local target linked to the ‘gas-fired recovery’ in Victoria. However AGL have offered themselves for our consideration by pushing ahead with a proposal for a gas terminal and pipeline in Westernport Bay against strong community opposition. And they have an office in Docklands Melbourne which is convenient.

(My understanding is that the Vic government was blackmailed into lifting the ban on conventional gas by Morrison in order to get renewable energy money and that the gas projects in the Otways and Seaspray etc aren’t financially viable and are no immediate threat. If there are any rumblings those two communities have already been mobilised to drive off the threat of gas once and no doubt would mobilise again. So AGL is a more immediate target.)

Not sure about other states but the Narrabri gas in NSW is a possibility.


Hi @JaneM, great ideas/responses. Thanks. I LOVE your first suggestion based on 4degrees (OMG! :woman_facepalming: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) I have been reading/following Joelle Gergis (https://xrb.link/x8eg5F) and Terry Hughes (local scientists) who in their own words ‘cant sleep at night’ because of the urgency of the situation. Would you like to make a start on this? I’d be happy to collaborate.

I agree that forests should be a focus & I understand that there is an initiative already underway in terms of forest campaign resources. I’m happy to contribute to that as well. :butterfly: :biking_woman:

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Hi @RosariaRebel. Thanks for putting the effort into this. I see the format as extremely useful for whatever campaign we decide on from an actions perspective; has context, messaging, what actions we can do depending on our comfort level and where we can go for resources. Perhaps contacts can be added?


Thanks Jay. Good idea. What sort of contacts do you have in mind? Would you like to modify the document with your suggestion? :butterfly:

For example, after the points in the arts resources section you could have the contact details of the arts external coordinator or whoever is willing to be the contact. and sure, i can modify it

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Hi @RosariaRebel, I’m more than happy to support this on IG. This is a helpful document to have access to.

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Also @RosariaRebel the Save Westernport group have a lot of resources and local action happening to do with gas at the moment https://savewesternport.org

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I’ve moved this thread of posts to a dedicated topics :slight_smile:

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Thanks @ManicMax Max

Thanks @zoe_k. I’ll have a look at this site.

Hi again Jay, I have incorporated your suggestions.

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Here are links to some detailed info on the vast number of fossil fuel projects in the pipeline - from our friends at Market Forces. Might be useful for the gas background briefing @RosariaRebel and for targeting actions.


Today we [Market Forces] released analysis showing how Australia’s big four banks measure up against their Paris Agreement pledges, and what planned fossil fuel projects in Australia they could potentially fund next. Please find our media release here, as well as stories in the Guardian and the AFR.

We’re putting a big focus on their lending to projects and companies expanding the fossil fuel industry, as this is the type of lending most incompatible with their Paris Agreement commitments.

We’re planning to use this to push the banks to stop funding projects that expand the fossil fuel industry and to align their finance with the Paris Agreement (exit thermal coal by 2030, phase out oil & gas exposure consistent with 1.5°C).


Bit late to the conversation, but I wonder if #nomoregas might be more on point than #nonewgas. My only concern is that the word ‘new’ excludes the established industry, whereas ‘more’ covers both a bit easier?


Here’s a nice little gas action in Sydney with some interesting messaging and props.


Hi Jane,
This is great. I have added some material from this to the brief.
I’m thinking that Australia’s big 4 banks deserve their very own brief, since they’re so big and so very, very BAD!

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Hey PTS crew,
just wanted to say thanks for all the fantastic feedback and support for this proposal. I have incorporated all of your suggestions and the ‘brief’ is now not as brief, but much improved from the hive-mind. Feel free to check it out again:

For all of us in Victoria, with another 6 weeks of lockdown, PTS is one of the few things we can do, albeit with limits.

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Thanks for this resource. The action attributed to Sydney was actually in Goulburn outside the office of Angus Taylor (by XR Wingecaribee, XR Sydney and XR ACT).


Thanks @ruthgr. Good to know. I will change the attribution.

Hey Rebels,
check out this table of themes and issues that we might build PTS campaigns around. A few rebels have already committed to developing campaign materials on some of these. Ive put their names next to the topic. Feel free to comment and/or suggest other themes.


It would be great to hear from any media and messaging people from different states.

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