🎨 Art and Messaging for Autumn Rebellion 2021

This topic is for gathering ideas for artwork and messaging for the wave of rebellion March 22-28.

Please add your posters and artwork to this folder:

There are other folders in the same drive for actions ideas, media and messaging etc.

Here are some posters from rebels in Victoria.

And here are some Facebook tiles.

Here are some posters from WA:


Hi @JaneM, Thanks for gathering all these visuals for march! I saw in your googe drive a folder β€œmedia and videos for autumn” - is it possible for XR bris to use the video with the interviews of why people will be participating? Or is that just for XR vic? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I can’t see the video that you are referring to, but I’m sure it will be fine to use. The point of putting materials in these folders is to share them and to inspire others.

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Hi Jane, Oh, thats great. I’ll pass it onto bris/meanjin media and messaging to use. Just to confirm we are using the video called β€˜XR march 22’ in the highlighted folder (see attached). Thank you!!

This topic is now in the open category, so anyone can view it - making for easy sharing with anyone by sharing the topic url.

I would really like to make some other Paint the Streets topics publicly readable to allow the spreading of Paint the Streets love. What do people think? Topics like Paint the Streets Ideas, Inspiration and Documentation.

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Very exciting #PaintTheStreets Australia

New light weight A frames to support your next street stall action

DM for materials list and Do it your instructions @Costas