Action Network tips and tricks

Just wanted to pass on a few initiatives we’ve taken with Action Network in Victoria:

  1. Sign-up forms for each local group. Embedded in each local group’s Action Network page is a sign-up form which rebels can use to subscribe to that group. This is useful in cases like when a rebel moves house and wants to connect with their new local group, or just wants to subscribe to newsletters etc from another nearby local group. We list the sign-up form URLs in a public list of all local groups. This lets rebels control their local group subscriptions themselves.
    Example of a sign-up form:
    And our public list of local groups
    Thanks @viola for help with these.
    The process for creating these forms is documented here.

  2. "Local Group" custom field. When a rebel is added to a local group by the postcodes ladder, the ladder also saves the name of the local group in a “Local Group” custom field. I also loaded up the local group for existing rebels. So we now have an easy and fairly reliable way of identifying a rebel’s local group (based on postcode) in reports or email targeting. It’s not 100% reliable - for instance, it won’t be updated if a rebel unsubscribes or moves - but should be 99%+ and good enough to be useful in most cases.

  3. Sequence of automated welcoming emails. We made a ladder to send a sequence of automatic emails when a new rebel joins. The first immediately after they join, the next 5 days later, the third after another 5 days. Here is the text of our emails: