Stock photos for Facebook & Twitter local group pages

Hi everyone - a group of rebels on Dharawal country (Sutherland Shire) are setting up a new XR group. We will also be creating social media and I wondered if XR had stock photos or images that can be used to populate our FaceBook and Twitter pages.


Hi Tanya!

I agree that a good topic for graphical supplies for social media would be useful. You might find some useful stuff in the Arts category. There’s lots of topics there including a graphics topic that might help.

There’s also two artsy topics that are currently in the Opening the Base category:

Thanks @ManicMax for your reply. There are lots of arts resources, but there doesn’t seem to be a collection of photos / images of XR at present.

Yes we do need a central repository of images and video footage we can use. There are plenty from the Autumn Rebellion in here along with posters, flyers and press releases.

Thanks Jane! The photos in that collection look great.