Security Culture

Re-posting @HyperNexus post regarding security culture in the lead-up to Autumn Rebellion.

As you may have seen we’ve recently announced dates for the Autumn Rebellion. If you haven’t then:

[Insert Call to Actions]

This is probably a good time to remind people of the following…

Action Planning, especially for arrestable actions should not be done on Mattermost. The XR Mattermost hosts over 30,000 rebels. If it is found that such planning is occurring then a hostile government could request that the server be taken down. If this is seen through then it would take several days for a new instance of the server to appear.

Instead plan your actions in person and use Signal to communicate outside of meetings. Don’t forget technology isn’t always the best replace for face to face communication.

It’s also important that we keep all of our documents off Google and similar services. Google is not a friend of Extinction Rebellion. Google frequently complies with government requests to hand over information. Since we are aiming to be effective we should be expecting that these requests will be made in the future. Beyond that Google spreads and profits from climate denialism while also supporting the fossil fuel industry (look it up).

XR Australia manages its own branch server which runs NextCloud. This is a great alternative to Google Drive, Calendar, etc. All of the working groups in XR SA use it. Some affinity groups have access to it as well. We’re hoping to onboard more people in the future. If you need to access the platform then please reach out on the ~tech-support channel.

It’s also worth pointing out that in order to welcome everyone into our movement we need to create an environment suitable for those with higher security needs (eg. those that work in government.)


Can the Cloud do something similar to a google sheet?

check out and you tell me :wink:

AusRebellion NextCloud allows all office documents to be viewed and collaboratively edited - up to 20 simultaneously - using Only Office - very similar to google docs.

Likewise the global Extinction Rebellion NextCloud.

The global installation uses Collabora Online {Libre office based} in addition to Only Office {Open Source HTML5 Canvas - browser native}.

Collaborative Working on Nextcloud

Overview XR Server Platform