Reflecting on Recruitment

Ok here is a bootleg of the chapter on Recruitment from the awesome “Full Spectrum resistance” book which i really recommend you read.

:open_book: SNEAKY BOOTLEG HERE :open_book:


Below is a wiki-editable table with some Questions that I thought of after reading the chapter, and that I think we could answer together :slight_smile:

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Questions for XR in Australia to answer once you’ve read the excerpt above! (this is wiki-editable so you can edit this post!)

Questions (please add more) Answers/Ideas (please submit as many as you want)
Do we have clear asks of people we meet doing outreach? E.g. is ‘coming to the next (often boring, or at least over committing) local group meeting’ the best first step? During outreach activities I think the first step is signing up - then they get emails and Video links and a Rebel Ringer call within a few days.
Can you download/take these XR leaflets and leave them around wherever you go?
Can you ask one friend how they are feeling about the risk of social collapse or insect loss or food security in a chaotic climate and ask them what they think is an appropriate response?
How do we warm people up to form the strong bonds that are needed? Buddy system
Are we “approaching those already affected”? Who is that? Those in regional areas affected by bushfires, first nations people, or parents with kids and piles of dread? Parents dropping kids off to high school?
I observe that people who come with a friend/partner stick around/have more fun. How can we build on this element? Maybe by starting with a social get-together that looks fun people can bring a friend with them more easily and begin making those movement ties. E.g. the picnics or movie nights or all out PARTIES.

At the Grow the Movement session in Perth on Saturday @rosahicks @gerard ran, which was great,

A few people said that Parties/Social events were something they think would work to bring people IN to the movement.

Someone else also raised the point that, as they were the only one of their friends interested in this, they felt rather nervous coming along alone to an XR thing (in case everyone was radical crazies)… So they suggested the cute idea of …

XR Speed Friending

Which I think sounds like a fun idea to trial somewhere :slight_smile:

Oh and people definitely also agreed and suggested a Buddy System.


What’s the best way to do a buddy system ??

This had to do with both Buddies and Rebel Ringing.:
Last night at a QLD Outreach meeting I suggested that Rebel Ringing be split into two … Buddy Ringing. They call new people and develop pathways for greater involvement/training of new and existing Singups.
THe Rebel Ringer mostly tells people about an event on in their area - ie pretty tightly follows a script so it is easier to do. If they don’t get through they leave a message or send a set text about the event. When they encounter someone who wants to do more they offer a callback.
The Buddy Ringer steps in to develop a pathway for that person. Buddy ringers can also do section of the Database like if someone came to an action/event say 4 months ago and since then hasn’t even opened an email, they can ring to ask why, and send a more one-to-one approach in an email.
This is an attempt to make recruitment for Rebel Ringers easier perhaps as the job is less onerous unless they want to become a Buddy Ringer.