🇫🇷 How XR France uses their Base for Paint the Streets (and other decentralized actions)

I’ve noticed quite an enthusiasm for getting some good Paint the Streets type action going in Australia. I thought I would share how XR France uses the Base to support their Paint the Streets action.
I will copy paste their foundational post below, and then follow it with some of the support resources they use. The next post will be about how we can adapt this model for our current context.

Some translation errors might exist.
My notes are mixed into the posts and look like this

Main XR France Paint the Streets Post

Note that links in the post link to XR France platforms.

The Toolbox

This is another post on the Base linked from the above post:

That last link there links to a general procedure for joining or proposing a decentralized action on their Base:

The Tell the Truth Campaign

All of the above Paint the Streets stuff is part of a French Tell The Truth Campaign which has it’s own dedicated category on the French Base with multiple sub-categories, like so:

Although the above image only shows 3 topics in each subcategory, there are many more.


I post the above to give a bit of inspiration for us in Australia, but also because we can adopt the model to use here. There’s a lot of possibility to just straight copy stuff across (or also copy stuff from XR UK). Google translate is quite handy for this.

Given the context of the Coronavirus pandemic it probably needs the addition of some guidelines on how to mitigate contagion risk to your affinity group and the wider community.

Any interest?
@jess @Jess_h @the-river-jordan @Garryw


I’m very interested in getting something like this up for Australia though the technology is beyond me. With strong messaging and by creating the impression we are everywhere (painting the streets in ones and twos while staying safe, and dominating social and mainstream media if we can) we can bend the arc of history in these turbulent times.

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Im very interested in getting some form of this happening in Victoria.


Lots already happening in Yarra thanks to @jess and Arts posters. Let’s keep the messaging simple, see messaging doc pulled together by @herry https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XVN-l-U0bBUIut2Pf9dZnE5Au9dGFabw-M9SOs1Olxk/edit?usp=sharing


Hi Bernie, I love these posters. I’m buying chalk to cover some asphalt. May I use the designs?

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XR UK Paint the Streets Resources (April 2020)

Paint the Streets Action Guidelines - Short and Pretty:

Paint the Streets Action Guidelines - Long Document:


Hi Rosaria, I saw that you have gotten started with a Paint The Streets project within XR Moreland - the call-out you made was great!
I’ve also seen that @JaneM has started putting together arts resources, and @Marco-4-Planet-Earth mentioned in a meeting today that XR Youth are interested in doing some Paint the Streets type stuff.
@Bernie has also posted some posters that went up in Yarra, and @jess has posted a bunch of stuff that would help for Painting the Streets.

It’s clear to me that a good decentralized Paint the Streets action (as demonstrated by the French and British resources above) is supported by lots of different areas of work to make it work well.
I’m therefore proposing that we have a brief meeting to self-organize a good decentralized Paint the Streets Australia project.

To anyone who wants to get involved:

  • Please fill out a when2meet here
  • Please share widely.
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Hey all, @ManicMax and I have made an editable Paint the Streets wiki to coordinate our actions and resources.

Feel free to share this about to get more people involved. We are thinking to do a Zoom call next week to help with the organising. Please fill out a When2Meet if you care to join https://www.when2meet.com/?8978846-TbPyu

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@RosariaRebel and @Jess have filled this in. Let’s lock in 5pm-6pm Thursday for a Paint the Streets meeting. I’ll send invites to others who indicated interest in tonight’s actions support meeting.
Will confirm the zoom invite.
I’ll cross-post this over to the Paint the Streets Action topic and follow up in that topic.
Please invite whoever you think is appropriate, and anyone who is interested please attend.