How to get more people to XR Talks?

Hey XR Australia!

Let’s share our best tips for getting more people in the door (or digital zoom waiting room) to our XR HfE talks.

I know XR Sydney were pondering this recently, and I figure it is a global issue, particularly now with most talks happening on zoom.

From my experience, the easiest way to get more people to attend a talk is to target the crowd that’s already pretty interested aka people who’ve signed up but haven’t yet been to talk. There are 30,000 signup’s in Australia This could be for example by targeting a talk to a particular area that hasn’t had one there before but where there are a bunch of sign-ups (you can tell this Via Action Network data). Then I would email them a personal invite and also give them a call or organise a Rebel Ringing campaign.

Check out this


to see where the signups are across the land (you can also see this base topic to see how each state is going in terms of that 3.5 % goal! A surprise- it’s not who you’d expect!)

Other than that I wonder what are some other effective ways to get people into talks that the ingenious hivemind of XR has come up with… Have letterbox drops worked? FLypostering? Facebook advertising??

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All the admins of FB pages should be aware of our project and what to look out for when people message their pages. I’m an admin of NSW and recently a man messaged the page asking for support with this group who had disagreements about what approach to take. When I asked him to describe more, he told me they were disagreeing over which individual enviro issue they should pursue. I asked him if I could call him to chat and offer support. When I spoke with him it turned out that none of them were even on the mailing list, none had been to a Heading for Extinction talk and really had very little knowledge of XR as a whole, and yet were super keen. I’ve now set them in the right direction and will likely lead a HFE talk for their area in Sydney.


Getting local group convenors on board was a sure-fire way to boost NVDA numbers pre-pandemic, and it will prove to be a useful strategy for us in the lead up to AusMM this year I feel. Local groups are far more engaged, more willing to click the link and to participate.