Forming an organised Paint the Streets Australia working group

Hey everyone, I was thinking the meeting yesterday went very well in that there were a lot of people who came along from most of the country and HEAPS of enthusiasm for Paint the Streets.

I feel coming out of the meeting there is a lot of progress and work being done on Paint the Streets, but I feel coming out of it that there is a need for a bit more clarity around who is doing what and a bit more planning and organizing of the project resources and campaign.

During the meeting when allocating the last few people to breakout rooms there were a few people who said they were happy to learn and make stencils and get to painting the streets, but didn’t feel like being involved in the planning.
I’m thinking that there are probably a lot of people like that. I also think that the best thing most people can be doing is making stencils and posters and getting ready to paint the streets, and we just need a relatively small group to work on planning and organizing.

With that in mind I was thinking that the next meeting could be for self-selecting people who want to be part of the “Paint the Streets Australiaworking group to plan and organize, while people who want to make stencils and posters can be inducted through the stencil making sessions and the guide and through their local and regional arts groups, etc.

Suggested Meeting Plan

So at the Paint the Streets working group meeting we could have a quick 1-2-4 exercise over the questions:

  • What are you doing currently for Paint the Streets?
  • What do you want to be doing?
  • What other work do you think should be done?

This would make current roles explicit, as well as outline desired roles and roles we might look for people to fill. We would then be able to make a clear structure for the group and set some priorities.
What do others think about this?

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