Categories to Add to the Base

If you want a group or category added to the base, please post a reply here and I’ll get to them over the next few days.

If you haven’t added yourself to your regional / local group the current list of the ones that are already set up can be found here where you can add yourself.

Hi, I cant see XR Mornington Peninsula!

Thanks, Melissa

I’ve added you to the relevant groups - you should now see the Victorian categories and the Mornington Peninsula category nested under it.

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VIC XR Gippsland

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Hello Max, It would be great to have XR Grey Power Vic added. This is open to all of Victoria, with Rebels aged 50 years and over. Thanks in advance, Marion

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We would appreciate it if you could set up a Category for the ongoing Hungry for Climate Action Vigil. Rob Bakes ( is our Coordinator (both External and Internal), currently camping out on the Parliament Lawn in Canbera. To start with, this should link to our working mandate on


XR Southern Gippsland. Contact


Hi Max
could you please add a Vic XR West Gippsland


Hey @ManicMax could you please ad an Integration/Welcoming/On-boarding national category?

All of the categories above have been added! Sorry about the delay.

Hey Max, could you start an XR forests category :+1:

You want it under national or state?

@ManicMax I’m thinking state for now & maybe in the future national. what do you think?

I can do that - we can always move the whole category into national later on. Will do it later tonight.

sounds good, thanks mate :slight_smile: @ManicMax

Done! You’re owner of the group which means you can add people to it - or they can add themselves by clicking @ag-vic-Forests . I’ll add this and Grey Power to the XR Vic SOS Directory - but if you make a post in the actions sub-category of the Victoria category you can talk about it and invite people using the @ag-vic-Forests tag.

Heya @ManicMax can we get Outreach and Media separated in the Vic base please ? We are planning on ramping up Outreach base use and think it’s for the best.

Also, I can’t search by tags only by category - is it simple to add the tags search ?

Hey! I am in Albury-Wodonga and can’t see a group listed near me (I am with the Albury-Wodonga group, but we have Wangaratta and North East Vic near us too - could they all be included in one Border/North East group?)

Could we get an “Extinction Rebellion Brisbane / Meanjin” group under Queensland when you get a minute?

This is done.

Hi! I’ve made an Albury-Wodonga group. It gave me a bit of a dilemma because Albury-Wodonga is an area that spans both Vic and NSW. For now I’ve made the Albury-Wodonga category a subcategory of the Victoria category - just because the NSW one isn’t being actively used yet. I can change where it sits but thought it was more important to get it functional and work out where it should be later.
To get access to the Albury-Wodonga category, people can join @lg-vic-Albury-Wodonga. I’ll also make you a group owner so that you can add people manually to the group.

Do you want the Border / North East Group to be a separate category to the main Vic and NSW ones? It can host local groups that sit in that area, with an open invite to them to join the Vic, NSW or Canberra categories as members feel appropriate - or with members automatically having access to both Vic and NSW or all three of Vic, NSW and ACT. Only two layers of category are possible on the base so it can’t sit under one of the state categories and have local groups sitting under it.