Categories to Add to the Base

This is done! To get access to the Brisbane category, people can join @lg-qld-Brisbane. I’v also make you a group owner so that you can add people manually to the group.

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Thanks for that. About Border/North East, that only really works as a subsection of Victoria - being North East Victoria and the border region of Vic/NSW - so maybe we won’t go ahead with that for now. North East Vic and Wangaratta local groups can join if they want, and we can still message each other to organise ourselves for local events etc. Thanks again!

If and when desired we can always make a Vic / NSW border region group and category that is seperate from the NSW and Vic categories but gives easy access to them - no problem!

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Hi I created the XR-Port Phillip Forest Protection group. We have decided we need to make this a private group. How can I do that? Many thanks, Andrea

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Hi Andrea, sorry for the late reply. Do you want to use the existing @ag-vic-Forests category for that or would you prefer your own category separate from @ag-vic-Forests?
Anyone can join @ag-vic-Forests by clicking the tag there. I can also make a group that is completely private and requires yourself to add people to it.

Hi Max, Sorry about delayed response. I’m getting very confused about Base and am finding it difficult to navigate. For example, I can’t seem to locate the ag-vic-forest. I made the XR–PP Forest group and was wanting to control membership as some people we talked to have been concerned about infiltration of groups and their security.
Do you have to do this on our behalf?
Many thanks,

Hi Andrea, I’ve created the group and given you control of who is added to the group. You’ll see it in the categories list as a subcategory of Victoria. Let me know if you need any help!

Hi Max, Could you add Bairnsdale XR and to the list of groups in Victoria please.


All done!
Here you go Ro:
Just head there and click “New Topic” and away you go :smile:

Hi, I can see Mornington Peninsula on the listed groups but not in the access/join section below Victoria. I would like to join this as my local group. With thanks.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention! I’m sorry for the mistake. I’ve added it to the list on the “Join your Local Groups” topic and added you to the group.
I will put together a system for auditing the page and making sure we don’t make that mistake again.


Following up on the Zoom session last Saturday 25th April with Serena, Andy, CJ and others…

Looks like I’ve managed to join The Base and would now like to get our " XR North East Vic " group added to the regional groups on both The Base and the website listing.
Our website address is;

I’ll be the contact for the group for now - Bernie Jovaras

Do you need any other details at this stage ?

I’ll now explore the Base more and get used to working with it


Bernie Jovaras ( Beechworth )


Hey Max,

Would you mind adding a local group in Queensland when you get a moment please?

Brisbane West: @lg-qld-brisbane-west

Thanks and have a top day!



and done!

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Mi @ManicMax is there a way for XRWA Infra to add our own private categories for our Working Groups as they evolve?

Jesse (XRWA Infrastructure Working Group)

Good question!
I think the best way would be to have an admins team that has one or two people from each state - so that each can reorganize their categories as needed without relying on the admins team to action requests, but so that the admins from other states can provide backup when needed.
How does that sounds?

Can you please add XR Oakleigh Local group in Victoria.
Regular zoom 6pm Wed

Could you please let me know who I need to tell to have the meeting included in Events.

THanks, Val

That sounds like a workable solution @ManicMax, the only issue I see is one of security: How will other state admins know who has a mandate for what tasks, and what they should respond to immediately and what would be impinging on another working groups domains? Unless the backup you mentioned was only provided upon request from another state’s admin. I have no idea how XR NSW is structured or what working groups it has, let alone who to respond to and who to respectfully ask that they contact the appropriate person/group that are already working in that area. It’s important that we keep categories organized or finding things will become a nightmare. This is certainly not something that can’t be solved, just something that needs to be factored into any process we setup to ensure that the process aligns with the SOS system as it is being used (probably differently) by various groups.
I’ll have a go at writing a draft mandate for this role tonight and post it here.

P.S. Since we’re talking about security and mandates: How do you know I’m actually from XRWA Infrastructure WG? I can see from your previous posts that you are an admin here, but I have no idea what state you are from or how you came to be an admin. :slight_smile: Security + Radical Transparrency are very important to me and so I’ll state now that I do not yet have a mandate to action the creation of these categories. Clare our External Coordinator was given that mandate but I don’t think she’s had time. We have an Infra meeting tomorrow night so I’ll have more direction then. :slight_smile:


Good question! I will chase that up for you. Do you mean the website, XR Vic email newsletter, or something else?

Well, for one thing we can do a bit of due diligence before granting admin rights. I can contact a few trusted people in WA to check your creds.

And then how we work as a Base admins team - well, we’ll have to self-organize a bit!