Aus Mass Mobilization Wave 1 of Action Info & Get Involved Session

:arrow_right: The next wave 1 info session is Tuesday 27th October at 7pm Sydney time! :arrow_left: Click here to RSVP

The Aus Mass Mobilization Actions Working Group have been preparing the start of Wave 1 of actions in the mass mobilization plan. I would like to hold an info / Q&A session to give people a chance to find out how they can be a part of the wave of actions, and to give an opportunity for feedback opportunities to help plan the waves of action.

Here’s an outline of the stuff I want to cover in the session. This is a work in progress:

Agenda Outline
  • What is AusMM?
    • A group of people working to systematically mobilize all communities around Australia to engage in non-violent civil disobedience.
    • Working to a plan in 3 waves of action.
      • Wave 1: Civil disobedience in local communities
      • Wave 2: Extended multi-day disruption in state capitals
      • Wave 3: A major disruptive mobilization in one or a few major cities aimed at creating a major dilemma for the government, with a chance of achieving our demands.
    • We are starting Wave 1 October 3rd - what does that mean?
    • Resources for Wave 1
      • The Manual
      • HFE Talks
        • Can Request a Mobiliser
      • NVDA Trainings
      • Action Recipes
        • Road-block
        • Chalk-spray action
        • Die-in
        • Flash-mob
        • Paint the Streets
        • Bike swarm
    • Q&A / Feedback
    • Call to Action
      • Small ask
        • Donate to AusMM
        • Share the Actions guide with your local / affinity group
      • Medium ask
        • Set up a paint the streets crew and start doing paste-ups in your local area
        • Organize an action in October with your local group or affinity group - pick an action from the recipe and get in touch with us.
      • Big ask
        • Work for AusMM
          • Become an NVDA trainer.
          • Become a mobilizer.
          • Join an AusMM working group.
        • Create a new local group
          • Request a mobiliser or get in touch for help
        • Start an action campaign or organize a decentralised action

Please indicate which of the following times you might be available for a session (in Sydney time).

  • Tuesday 15th September 6pm
  • Tuesday 15th September 7pm
  • Wednesday 16th September 7pm
  • Thursday 17th September 7pm
  • Friday 18th September 6pm
  • Friday 18th September 7pm
  • Saturday 19th September 6pm
  • Saturday 19th September 7pm
  • Monday 21st September 6pm
  • Monday 21st September 7pm
  • Wednesday 23rd September 7pm
  • Thursday 24th September 7pm
  • Friday 25th September 6pm
  • Friday 25th September 7pm
  • Saturday 26th September 6pm
  • Saturday 26th September 7pm

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Please let me know if you would like to help run this session.

keen to help. Also think we should make it a public FB event

Sooner the better I think - gives people more time to prepare for Oct 3

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Happy to contribute the NVDA perspective where necessary.

Which time zone are we in??

Oh sorry, times are in Sydney time.

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Edit: I have changes these times. See post below.
Ok, I would like to lock in and start promoting events for Tuesday 15th at 7pm AEST and Thursday 24th at 7pm AEST.

I know the tuesday 15th is quite short notice but I think even if only a small number attend it’ll give good feedback for the Actions WG.

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What are next steps? We can email the AusMM mailing list. Also get a FB event up asap. Can you sort zoom links? I can create ausMM AN event.

Big oops!
I realised the thursday time clashes with the end of the Thursday 24th all-in AusMM meeting.
So I am going to change the times I chose above to:

  • Thursday 17th at 7pm
  • Friday 25th at 6:30pm

I’m making the Action Network events now and will share the links here so that we can make Facebook events and email the AusMM mailing list.

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Here’s the Action Network events:

Wahou! Please share with rebels everywhere but especially in Australia!


@ageorge, @wg-nat-media, I’m going to bed - would somebody be able to get Facebook events created for these today?
Especially the Thursday one.

Share around folks

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Thanks heaps!

Heya Vee,
Can you change the date on the second one to friday 25th of September?
This one:

The time of 6:30pm is correct.

Done! :slight_smile:

1st session is 7pm Sydney time today!

Zoom Details:

Topic: AusMM Wave 1 Info and Q&A
Time: Sep 17, 2020 07:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 525 626 7275
Passcode: 909905

Dial by your location
Find your local number:

Report-back on the AusMM Wave 1 Info Session / Q&A Sessions 1 & 2

Session 1 (Thursday 17 September 7pm): 9 Attendees
Session 2 (Friday 25 September 6:30pm): 20 Attendees

State Attendees S1 Attendees S2
Queensland 2 4
South Australia 3
Tasmania 1
Victoria 6 6
Western Australia 1 (Connection Issues)
Role Theme Role
Action Rebel 1 AG Action Rebel
10 LG Action Rebels
AusMM WG Member 1 Jordan (Actions + XR Yarra + XR Vic Actions)
1 Christie (Systems / Regen)
Mobiliser 9
Other WG Member 1 Welcoming / Action Network Training
1 XR Vic Arts
NVDA Trainer 1 (+1 mobiliser in NVDA Training Support)
Newbie 1
Connection Issues 1

Tensions / Feedback

  • Lots of positive feedback that the resources are suitable for their local groups and AG’s
  • Lots of feedback that resources are appropriate for getting new groups into action

Recipe Feedback

  • FLASHMOB: Cass recommended we add the bad recorder flashmob as an example in the recipe – good action reach (thousands of people on SM + mainstream media), very simple idea, small group.
  • ACTIONS Guide
    • Need to recommend that groups and the movement as a whole keep changing up actions to avoid getting stale
    • Recommend Regenerative Cycles with Debrief, Regen, Planning time.
    • Action Design Workshops would be useful.

Wave 3 Dates

There was a strongly felt tension by one member that the 3 wave plan should not be left totally open-ended.
There is a fear that we could put off moving to wave 3 because of not reaching capacity thresholds for years.

20 out of 20 people in Session 2 (full consensus) approved of setting an intention to have wave 3 done before the end of 2021

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:arrow_right: The next wave 1 info session is Tuesday 27th October at 7pm Sydney time! :arrow_left: Click here to RSVP

The 3rd Info Session happened on Thursday the 15th - there were 12 attendees and it was well received.

Unfortunately a glitch in Action Network meant that several people who wished to attend were sent the wrong zoom link and arrived to an empty zoom. Fortunately, Julie, one of the AusMM Mobilisers, also went to this zoom and gave them an ad-hoc briefing on actions.

I’ve figured out what went wrong here - it was an artifact of duplicating events on action network and then my error of not changing the auto-response email that goes to people when they RSVP.

:arrow_right: The next wave 1 info session is tonight Monday 2nd November at 7pm Sydney time! :arrow_left: Click here to RSVP

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I may have someone from Bunbury signing up, she has another commitment at this time, but would be great for them to attend ahead of their first planning and action.

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