Action Network Organiser Account Request

Hey there.
I’m wondering if we can have a new Action Network Group set up nested under the national group (or under an AusMM group if there is one) - with a blank list - for the AusMM Actions WG to build a purpose-specific mailing list for people who want to be kept informed about AusMM Actions WG activities.

This would be for things like:

  • Updates about waves of action
  • Updates about new resources
  • Invitations to relevant trainings and strategy sessions
  • Affinity group formation activities
  • Building an affinity group support network

edit: Tagging @extinction1234567 to alert him I’ve made this request as he will likely be involved in running this.

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Also it would be very useful to be able to create an event in this group for this:

I’ve read and agreed to the user agreement (just sent an email to confirm this).

The group has been created and configured. I’ve set it as a child of the existing Mass Mobilisation group and assigned you as an admin.

Will leave it to you to create events.

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