4️⃣ Our online tools

Extinction Rebellion uses several online tools, nationally and globally, for communication and collaboration. The most important of these are:

  1. :house: Base
    This discussion forum (national). You’re here!
    A community platform for collaboration, exchange and organisation on a local, state and national scale. Supports many public / private sub-forums for different groups, and threads for different topics.

  2. :speech_balloon: Mattermost
    Our private chat platform (global).
    Best used to connect quickly with other rebels and XR teams locally, nationally and globally. Supports many teams and public / private chat rooms.

  3. :lock: Signal
    A secure messaging app with end-to-end encryption.
    Best used for urgent notifications, sensitive communications / action planning, and chatting / socialising in real time. Like texting and calling, but a more secure alternative against surveillance.
    Download the app at https://signal.org/download

  4. :cloud: Cloud
    Our secure cloud service (national).
    Provides file storage and collaboration tools. Like Google Docs/Drive, but a more secure alternative against surveillance. Supports public and private folders for many groups. Self-hosted using Nextcloud.

There are some other tools which you will learn about in time.

The Base is organised into several categories, and you will gain access to them gradually — so that you don’t get overwhelmed right away! :sweat_smile:

After reading the First Steps, you will gain access to:

  1. The ‘Introductions’ thread, where current and new XR members (including you!) introduce themselves;

  2. Categories for the state and local group(s) you have joined, where you can connect with rebels near you, and join discussions and planning of the rebellion at the state level;

  3. National discussion categories, where you’ll find conversations between XR rebels nation-wide on many topics. Note: you cannot contribute to these until you have introduced yourself :wink:

  4. The ‘Resources, Guides & Procedures’ category, where we are assembling all the guides to help you be the best rebel you can be;

  5. The ‘Base Feedback & Support’ category, where you can ask questions and give suggestions about the Base (this platform).

Next step: :five: How you can support us