Your ideas for the new XR Australia website

The Website Working Group is pleased to announce we will be updating the website. And we’d like your input.

Please bear in mind the main users of the website are individuals and organisations external to XRAus. We use other platforms for messaging rebels within XR.

This first consultation period will run for a month until Sunday 11 July.

The Website Working Group will collate your ideas and prioritise and action improvements to the website based onthe time and resources available to us. Fill in the survey and discuss ideas here! Posts in this topic will also appear on Mattermost in the XR Australia Town Square channel.


Suggestion by @andyrebel elsewhere on the base:

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Some more ideas from @andyrebel here

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Firstly, thanks to all those who’ve already submitted feedback on the website. Here’s a summary of feedback this week.

It’s been a mixed bag on design and layout, with some liking the websites ‘logical flow’ and ‘simplicity’ of visual design, whist others don’t feel its welcoming enough and would like more detailed information. We know that you can’t find resources which are actually on the website.

Video content, more prominent ‘donations’, and music have all been requested, together with more information to get self-starters started.

You love the events section (if not the layout) and apparently nobody uses instagram.

The survey is open until Sun 11th July. Please share the link far and wide :slight_smile:

Hobbo, EC Website Working Group

YOUR FEEDBACK ON THE WEBSITE So many great ideas this week, so thanks to all of those who’ve submitted so far.

The consultation survey is open until 11th July, so please fill out here or email thoughts to

Here’s a summary of feedback from the last week:

  • On the importance of tailoring information for those outside XR: ‘We think people know what XR is but most people have no idea’ and ‘At the moment we say sign up for a local group but don’t really explain what that group does or what you will be expected to do.’

  • You want a ‘more interesting front page’ and ‘don’t like the homepage carosel’

  • Requests for graphics, a photo gallery and videos

  • ‘On the local groups page, could there be a box where you type in your postcode to find your nearest local group.’ Testimonials

  • ‘The pdfs like starter pack etc are ok but I think some of that content could be displayed online for immediate reading as well as having the option to download’

  • ‘Get the website working on the phone - on my iphone it looks pretty bad.’

  • And some pragmatic comments considering how we can use / link to other existing resources, such as the Rebel Academy in the UK

x-National Website Working Group-x

Last call for feedback on the website - closing Sunday

This weeks summary of feedback on the website:

  • 28 responses to date, the majority from Victoria
  • When chatting to potential recruits, you’re directing them to register on the website
  • Someone thinks it ‘looks a bit web v1.0’
  • Another says its ‘easy to find your way around and is written in simple terms for everyone’
  • More shout outs for the events section (which is used the most by respondents)
  • How about drop-down explanations for the XR principles
  • Or a homepage module for breaking news, events and stories
  • A request to promote nationally coordinated events on the website
  • And a reminder to us to try not to do too much (thanks for that one :wink:

The survey is here, or you can email thoughts to until this Sunday, 11th July.