What resources do we need to have publicly available on the Website

The UK movement/website is so far advanced and full of content… it’s immense. perhaps too much. It used to be a lot simpler!

Anyway, i was thinking about what the basic resources that would be good to be accessible for anyone to find on our website… something like this

Local Group Resources on website

  1. Rebel starter pack

  2. How XR Australia works 1 pager/diagram – local groups – state support/coordinating groups – National coordinating/support things (with info and ideas flowing all directions) (2 pager/diagram)

  3. Our focus on movement building: Actions gets attention, Media boosts this which leads to outreach which leads to bigger actions (all with principles and values, and focus on regenerative culture and arts)

  4. Contacts to get involved –e.g. emails for different states integration teams,

  5. Outreach methods booklet, actions recipes

  6. Local Group support pack (e.g. how to facilitate a meeting, minutes template)

FYI look how dense the rebel toolkit is on the UK webpage… https://rebeltoolkit.extinctionrebellion.uk/books/building-teams/page/healthy-teams-an-overview#bkmrk-facilitation

What are your thoughts ?

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Sounds good to me. Probably it’s good to have quite a bit of detail. At least it’s all in one place then and that saves the endless searching through multiple platforms. I like the way the UK page is curated by one particular person with a Mattermost handle so the person can be contacted with suggestions for updates.

I re-posted this on the website feedback topic.