XRAus National Zoom Account

I’ve been experimenting with Zoom and I think the best way to share access to the National Zoom account is to:

  • Have two or three Mandated Zoom Admin’s who share the login details for the XRAus Zoom Account.
  • The XRAus Zoom Account Owner is tied to XRAus.IT@protonmail.com email address and I think this email address should be controlled by the Coordinators of the National IT Working Group. This would mitigate for power by allowing the coordinators of National IT to reset the XRAus Zoom Account password if the admin’s were compromised or the password lost but the IT Working Group Coordinators wouldn’t otherwise have anything to do with the Zoom Account.
  • The Zoom admins should change the password so that the IT Working Group Coordinators don’t even know it. Thus making taking control of the Zoom Account something that can’t be done secretively.

The process of Scheduling Meetings could be:

  1. Someone contacts one of the XRAus Zoom Admins and requests a meeting scheduled.
  2. The XRAus Zoom Admin(s) is responsible for consulting and updating the XRAus SHARED Working Group Calendar, sorting out any conflicts, and entering the requested Zoom Meeting into this calendar.
  3. The XRAus Zoom Admin schedules the requested Zoom Meeting, makes sure that “Join Before Host” is enabled and gives the requesting person the Zoom “Host Key” (currently 204021) which allows them to “Claim Host” within the meeting.
  4. The Person Facilitating the meeting:
    • clicks the meeting invite link to join the meeting before the host (it is possible to have an entire meeting this way if no host controls are required)
    • once in the meeting at the bottom of the Participants list is a ‘…’ menu with “Raise Hand” and “Claim Host”.
    • The Facilitator clicks ‘Claim Host’ enters the “Host Key” and they are now the host of the meeting with full access to all meeting controls.

To add a New Admin to the Zoom Account:

  • The New Admin needs to be sent an invitation to join as a Basic User (Any Admin can do this)
  • They accept this emailed invitation
  • The Owner has to assign them Admin status.

If we wanted this setup to mirror the NextCloud setup for Circles we would need to create an XRAus.Zoom@protonmail.com account which would be controlled by the Coordinators of the Zoom Working Group. But I really don’t think we need a whole working group to administer zoom so leaving the job of assigning Zoom admins to the Coordinators of the IT Working Group seems reasonable to me. - I’ve edited my original post to reflect the fact that admin’s can’t create other admins.

I’ve just discovered that meetings scheduled by different admins aren’t visible to other admins. Meetings scheduled by an admin are private to that admin. This makes shared scheduling extremely difficult and so makes having multiple admins more trouble than it’s worth.
I will be updating the original proposed procedure to just involve a single admin account with shared credentials. The rest of the procedure especially the part with the meeting facilitator claiming the host with the “host key” from within the meeting, should remain the same.

Currently Acting Zoom Admins are myself and @ManicMax