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The UK system has recently changed on Basecamp, I have copied their links here (copied from the French Base).

Common Sense for the 21st Century by Roger Hallam

XR strategy core texts

How things change: Key Texts and Resources

  • “This is an Uprising” Paul Enger & Mark Engler
    • the traditions of mobilisation (mass protest and structure based organising)
    • the power of hybrid models – e.g. Martin Luther King, Gandhi
    • The need to polarise public opinion and use momentum escalation
  • “Blueprint for a Revolution” Srdja Popovic
    • How the Serbian revolution succeeded
    • Use of “dilemma actions”
    • Use of humour and appealing to younger people
  • “How to win. Successful procedures and mechanisms for radical campaign groups” – Roger Hallam at Radical Think Tank
    • Use of conditional commitment (“I will if you will”)
    • Attrition and swarm actions
    • Investment and Olympic principles
  • “The End of Protest: A new blueprint for Revolution” Micah White
    • A complete theory of revolution
    • Voluntarism, Structuralism, Subjectivism and Theurgism
    • The need for multiple tactics
  • “Don’t think of an Elephant” George Lakoff
    • Use “nurturing parent” frame rather than the “strict father” frame
    • Use framing rather than arguing your point and “being right”- trigger emotion
    • Recognise there are 6 different types of progressives and appeal to them all
  • “From Dictatorship to Democracy” Gene Sharp
    • Need for a grand strategy and sub strategies, also a grand narrative
    • Focus on the key pillars holding a system in place
    • Be “above ground” and say what you want (as well as what you don’t want)
  • “Counterpower” Tim Gee
    • There are four stages to change- the four C’s
    • Consciousness raising then Coordination
    • There is always a Confrontational stage (then you need to Consolidate the win)
  • “The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible” & “The Ascent of Humanity” Charles Eisenstein
    • Grounding struggles in compassion – moving away from blame
    • Separation from ourselves, each other and nature as root causes of issues
    • Rooting our new story in “inter-being”, “miracles” can flow from this
  • Webinars on escalation/momentum organising: Ayni Institute (Carlos Saavedra et al )
  • The success of Non-violent resistance – Erica Chenoweth (Ted Talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJSehRlU34w)
    • A revolution needs up to 3.5% of the population to rise up
    • Non-violent struggles are more successful and more stable

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Self organizing Resources

Other Useful Resources

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