We need to talk about THE POLICE

–> they are NOT ‘our friends’!

I hear some rebels say: “the police are our friends”, and I believe we managed to offend the indigenous community by saying it publicly too.

To be honest, it simply makes no sense.
We can be friendly, compassionate and of course always NON-VIOLENT towards the police, but we are certainly NOT FRIENDS!!!

Ask yourselves:

  • Why are you blocking the roads? Why are you disobeying social rules in public demonstrations of resistance?
  • And WHO is upholding these social rules?
  • WHO makes sure that they are indeed obeyed by the members of our society?
  • WHO is going to be arresting you, should you not follow their directives?!
  • And HOW do you think they would treat us, if we were NOT a majority of white people?! Honestly!?

Apart from #BlackLivesMatter and minorities in our society generally being treated badly, I think that calling the police ‘our friends’ is delusional and coming from a place of privilege and complacency.

I believe we need to be a lot clearer about where we stand, and what we are trying to achieve, if we don’t want to risk hypocrisy. And while the police are the executors of the rules, hence not personally responsible, they too are citizens with consciences and minds of their own, and THEY HAVE CHOSEN TO EXECUTE THE LAWS OF THE VERY SYSTEM WE ARE TRYING TO CHANGE.

Or am I missing something here?!