Wave 1 and local councils

Local councils are the most accessible level of government. Many local councils and cities around the world have declared a climate emergency and some are taking actions large and small. Councils can be the heart of a new democracy with high levels of community involvement. But they can also vividly illustrate how broken our political system is.

Wave 1 actions are local actions. We can get more out of these actions than just practicing for state and national level actions.

For example, NSW council elections are coming up in September 2021 and the system in NSW is well and truly broken. Have a look at these. @ageorge @Vee @Anthea

Ah yes, @JaneM. We’ve just discovered that our lovely Wingecarribee Shire council has diverted half a mill $$$ in Environment Levy funding recently to projects which have nothing to do with the environment. We have a whole campaign of actions in the works to expose this unbelievable breach to our community.