The [National IT Working Group]( Folder

Hi All, I would like to begin moving the National IT Working Group files on Nextcloud from the old structure using admin controlled groups for sharing into the new structure that uses group coordinator controlled circles.

The National IT Working Group Folder is currently owned by ncadmin and shared via the legacy “National Working Group” group which contains 39 rebels many of whom have not been active in the national space for years.

The files would be moved as appropriate into:

  • XRAus.WG National IT folder that is owned by a National IT WG User and shared with the XRAus National IT WG circle which all current members of National IT should hopefully be members of.
  • A subfolder of XRAus National Working Group Circle which is owned by ncadmin and shared read-only with the Everyone group (i.e. all rebels in Australia.)

I believe that doing this will create a clear distinction between sensitive documents that should ONLY be accessible by the National IT WG and non-sensitive documents such as minutes, policies, etc that should be radically transparrent and shared with the entire movement.

It seems like an appropriate time to do this in line with the Proposal Framework Template and the Mattermost reinvigoration proposal

Are there any questions, tensions, concerns or objections to this NON-URGENT proposal?

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P.S. The National IT WG User account, which owns the XRAus.WG National IT folder, is associated with email address I believe that @chris and @pirate-jesse, as the most recent coordinators of National IT, have access to this email.