Stories from Paint the Streets

Hey rebels. Because story-telling is part of our DNA, I want to collect the stories of our experiences of Paint the Streets. Stories are a looking back. They are emotion. They can bring us closer and help us to grow. I know we already have some. Here’s mine. Please share yours.


We were in lock-down and our world had changed forever. Our losses were big and small; real and imagined. Lost livelihoods, friends, social connections; lost games, a sense of purpose and security; we lost our motivation. Our local groups were diminished. We grieved and were afraid. What now? We had to learn new ways.

Out of the Spring, somewhere else, came a call: let’s Paint the Streets! Yes, we said. We used it to rally and rebuild. A word: imagine. A message: we’re all in this together. A poster, then a thousand: we are rebels for love. Symbols in chalk and paint. One action and another; then another hundred. We help each other rise again, rebel by rebel.


Mornington Peninsula has been very active with xr poster and street stencilng


The Mornington Peninsula crew are awesome :green_heart: :fist:


Thursday night xr mornpen arts workshop


This is awesome costas!