Reimbursements for mobiliser expenses

I sent this to Vic finance but it’s nationally relevant

Heya I have bought a Telstra sim and phone to get more reliable reception and hotspot whilst on the road as a mobiliser. The phone was $220. I’m currently in NsW planning on doing some mobilising here for a while (reinvigorating the Shoalhaven area group with an intro talk mon 10th ) and wondering if xr Vic (my homebase) would be interested in reimbursing , as there is currently no way to get money from a national source and I understand that the national money does get distributed to Vic. I also am happy to log the phone in some kind of transparent registry so that it can be used by anyone else eg in Victoria or elsewhere when I no longer need it. Suggestion: Maybe I (or a mystical You) could make a nextcloud spreadsheet for tracking “mobiliser assets” such as this. Thoughts?