Recruiting Mobilisers applications close 8th August


2020 started with unprecedented fires, public grief, rage, and despair. Then came COVID-19, a crisis in a crisis. Climate breakdown is still here: we are being driven to extinction by a system built on injustice, the destruction of country, exploitation and inequality. People know that this system does not serve us. Australia’s major political parties offer no hope for our future. Instead government officials serve themselves, moving from government to positions in oil and gas corporations, the coal lobby, banks, weapons deals, and back into Parliament. There is no future with this system.

Time is running out, but we have a plan: to get tens of thousands of rebels and thousands of ‘arrestables’ on the streets in all states, at the same time - til we get our Three Demands met. Mass mobilisation means escalating waves of courage and disruption from the local, to state, to federal level over the next year.

The Australian Mass Mobilisation project is looking to recruit mobilisers to effective build XR across the continent.

The next phase is to meet and train around 20 full-time Mass Mobilisers (1-4 in each state), through a transparent application, shortlist and interview process.

The role involves organising, training, outreach, setting up new groups, follow-up support, and sharing learnings with other regional teams and states.

Apply here by the 6th August

and if you don’t want to be a mobiliser but want to get involved in other ways:


You can still join in the fun - from musicians and mechanics to doctors and dancers, this database will be made available to the Mobilisers. Click here

@ageorge I am interested in knowing if XR ACT has any applications in for mobilisers. Is there someone I can contact about this or a page that lists how many applications have been received from each state/territory?

I don’t need to know names or details just numbers, we want to be on top of this in case we aren’t getting much interest so that we can increase our publicity efforts.

None from NSW or ACT :frowning:

@ageorge thanks. That’s not good. If we have nobody apply and another area has more applications than positions available, would it be possible to offer up ours on the condition mobilising work included ACT?

Yeah… hmm. Well i think on the one hand we share the resources that the mobilisers and LG’s will get so that it is as accessible as possible for people to do ‘mobilising’ regardless of whether they are a ‘mobiliser’! Coz we can all mobililse. So perhaps, I don’t know if you’re part of the talks or communities group in ACT but I’d be happy to have a chat to that group about the general mobilisation process. I’m also in touch with those groups in Sydney and they are recognising the need and opportunity to mobilise outside of the Sydney region, which brings into question general NSW SOS Mobilisation structures. It’d perhaps be cool for ACT and NSW associated groups to link up to ‘break down the borders’ and work out how to tackle the totality of NSW and ACT, particularly because most of the mobilisation will continue to happen digitally in this region.

otherwise, there are a few recruits from Victoria, maybe we can send some up to NSW (that’s exactly the situation i’m in now :wink: )

@ageorge I help out with talks in the ACT and we are working towards a good system of onboarding, including following the discussion on here about it, but we lack numbers to do the work and are a bit light on outreach capacity