🤔 PTS Actions Reflecting & Learning

Following a cycle of action, reflection, learning, and planning for more action.
Learning from other movements, contacts as well as our own experiences.

Suggested structure for contributions to this topic:

Who did it?

What did you do?

What went well?

What could be improved?

What you learnt?


Last night around 8 Moreland members pasted posters, did some chalk stencilling and wrote chalk messages on the Upfield bike path near Woolworths in Brunswick. It was a good number for a team and I think we worked efficiently. Meeting some of the other rebels in person who I had only met online was a bonus. It looks really great and has a high visual impact. We used a wheat paste mixture but ran out even though we could have kept postering. Next time we will be more organised with our glue and bring lots more (at least 10 litres). We have realised that to make a bigger impact we need to make this a regular, probably weekly thing.


I went solo and it actually worked out pretty well as I could stop anywhere that suited me.

The thing I noticed when I went back to photograph them was that if you can take photos with the sun on them they look so much more amazing. Maybe try to time your photos for the best lighting. My posters weren’t well lit but my stickers were!


Before heading out last night, we chatted on signal. What did we need; who would bring what. We mentioned the legal advice on the base. Then, when we met up, we checked in with what we had. We talked about the illegality of what we were about to do, and made a plan. We had enough people to appoint a person to stand watch, while the others pasted and sprayed chalk. We appointed a Police Liaison person and her shadow…just in case the police stopped by. This preparation helped a few of us to feel safer.


Mark Violet and Costas
Paint the street Melbourne streets.

Last night poster paste up loction start at Carlton Gardens so happy to see our beautiful rebels locked and loaded all our gear off we go.
First post gets taken down by security man.
Not to worry there is plenty more xr posters.
With every post we just got into a rhythm looking for the next spot to paste up.
Next time would like to roll video and capture the event and share knowledge what works best
Climate emergency makes it ok to rebel for life.
Wheat paste, brushes and garden trolley with a hard top worked well.
Paint the streets is a keeper💚 great action


Reminder that this is an easily accessible platform by people that might take advantage of revealing specifics of actions that you’ve taken.

After all that rain last week these posters washed strait off the wall!
It was wallpaper paste with a splash PVA.
More sheltered spots are probably better for longevity.


ALP MP Chris Brayne office is currently still promoting our messages


Wondering what you experienced Paint The streets rebels think about this project to optimise the effectiveness of our PTS messaging etc…

Check out this topic here i’d love to hear your thoughts and for any poster/sticker designers who want to be involved that’d be awesome