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In order to help facilitate paste-up runs for paste-up groups that are time-poor or unable to make their own materials (or source materials from other creators), it would be handy to have a selection of posters available for people to print and take on paste-up runs.

At the moment this is a bit of a gap in our Paint the Streets google drive - although the Guide has links to a bunch of poster designs.

Is there anyone up for collating a selection of β€œtop” poster designs for the current context?

When you say β€œa selection of posters available for people to print and take on paste-up runs” what sort of printing are you assuming would be used? Photocopy? Home printing? Stencils?


These four are ready to go in A4 size for printing at home.


Whatever is convenient!
Bulk orders from printers, A4 print-at-home, A3 print runs, etc.
Stencils we already have in good supply - I’m thinking we need some poster designs that are easy for rebels to run off and put up in their areas.
I will take some photos of some of the ones I’ve seen in my neighbourhood in Paris (old and new) next time I go out.


They look magnificent! :green_heart:


Hey, I made some posters, not as beautiful or edgy as some but I like information so I thought others may too. I live in a regional upper middle class area so I thought these topics may apply. I printed them out as A4 so I call them my short range posters, good for telegraph poles in popular walking spots, back of public toilet doors, bus shelters, that sort of thing. I created one from bits of the gas flyer posted here earlier, hope that’s OK.
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FwKM-f5KwKYikh78-rAYQife5Pulmsmr?usp=sharing$cost.pdf (817.5 KB)

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Hi Lesley
I get my inspiration form attending The Sunday xr vic Arts zoom session which starts at 3pm
This very casual catch up
Look forward to seeing you and sharing all the wonderful resources we have created

Cheers Costas

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