🌈 Paint the Streets: Ideas, inspiration & documentation

I’d be interested and i’m sure others would too.
A good start might be an editable compilation document with suggested quotes.
A column with suggested hash tags that could accompany them would be useful too.
And a column with which of the 3 demands the quote is supporting or the P&V’s it serves to bolster would be useful too.
We could link to it from both arts & MM resources: “Looking for a pithy quote?” This would be a very valuable resource. Maybe it exists already somewhere in the XR world?

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Stickers have officially entered the wild, this is Violets handy work.
5000 dropped off to the post office today, the remainder tomorrow, then the next batch of 10,000 should arrive by the end of the week.


The first of five fences or walls John Lawry has offered to do for us. Four more locations (and designs) needed!


I love this @jess. Moreland City Council declared a climate emergency on 12.9.2018

How about this?
Before lockdown I connected John with someone called Katia who was offering 2 fences.
I’ve followed up but cant get a response from either of them.
@JaneM if your in contact with John, maybe ask him where he got to on that front? I can forward you the correspondence if you’d like to pick up that thread - let me know.


Maybe put a call out through the news letter and on Facebook - I guess you need to think about the best way to connect with people who own houses. Maybe through the Grey Power comms network?
Maybe you could do a letterbox drop at houses or businesses that have walls with great exposure?
That letter template (with an image of John’s work) could be sent out to local groups who could to scout for locations and do letter box drops in their area?

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Not sure if this belongs in Strategy or Ideas?? Now it’s in both …
Next project for me is wide, banner shaped posters like this. Any ideas welcome. Melbourne rebel Meg is helping with layout and we will print them in black and white (self- funded!!) - or those with time and energy could make stencils.
Any suggestions? Anyone want to help with design, fundraising ($4 per metre wide) or pasting up in inner city Melbourne?

XR banner poster ideas 1.pdf (886.7 KB) XR banner poster ideas 2.pdf (826.7 KB) XR banner poster ideas 3.pdf (387.7 KB)
image image

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There is now a topic for ideas on High-Risk / Edgy Affinity Group Actions in PTS

I’m gonna volunteer Yarra as keen for this one. But we’re going to try and kickstart affinity group formation on PTS pretty soon as a Vic iniative so maybe something else will come of that. I’ll put some time aside to think about messaging and design and see if I can get some buy in on something.

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Prospective wall. Collingwood Children’s Farm, main Yarra trail, high visibility. Technically on Sophi Mundi Steiner School land I think. Although that might be tenancy rather than ownership. Would have to be visually themed as XR championing environmental defence more than extinction and death and burning world messaging etc, considering the kid friendly constraints of the location. Messaging community empowerment and resistance. And actually, particularly with that location being alongside the river, something that messages recognition of local Indigenous peoples, and our common struggle would be a massive win. Could take some diplomatic skill to get that though.

I’d prefer not to take on the task of investigating, but it would be a great spot if we could get it. I might raise it with the climate justice working group on the Indigenous angle. I would love to get involved in making this happen but I think it would be wiser to delegate the nitty gritty of coordinating this to someone else if possible…


Another great quote for a banner poster. Thanks @DavidU

And a slogan idea from France.


That slogan is from the 1968 uprising in Paris. It is a good one.

I cut an A1 of the stencil version of the stacked XR logo.


… and here is the stencil I cut for the coal mining under Sydney catchments issue. I haven’t been able to find a nice Caterpillar yellow for the truck unfortunately.


Paper is not so difficult to find if you are looking for A1(approx. 600mm x 800mm) sheets of butcher’s paper/newsprint. A self storage business is probably your best bet, however, you can also get paper from Bunnings but it is likely to be expensive. At a self storage business you will pay about $20 for 5kg of A1 butcher’s paper (250 sheet) at Bunnings you will pay $12.70 for half that amount. Rolls of the same paper exist but I have yet to find any in stock anywhere. Rolls are available at Kmart but they have none in stock anywhere in the state at the moment. Nor were there any rolls at Bunnings or Storage King though they said that they had stocked rolls in the past.

I am finding paint the most difficult and expensive part of this project. Unless you find someone with paint they want to throw away it can be expensive. House paint is about $10 a litre minimum and cheap poster paints aren’t much better, but this is what I have found so far.

The 400ml poster paint in the picture below was $2 but is thin and not much good for overprinting but will do for background “sunbursts” and the like. You are going to be using loads of that sort of background paint so at $5 per litre not a bad buy.

The Reno half litre was $5 ($10 per litre) and no better than the much cheaper poster paint. Give it a miss.

The Club House black was $3 for half a litre and is excellent. It was bought from Spotlight. Black was the only colour they had but there were other colours available but they weren’t in stock when I was there so I’m not sure what the coverage is like.

The Mont Marte half litre bottles are excellent, however, the most expensive of the lot. Most places will charge you above $6 (however, I was lucky to find mine for $5). You can buy on line from the Art Shed for $8 per litre ($4 per bottle) but you will have to pay for postage (unless your order is over $100), If you are in Melbourne the Art Shed has a retail store at Moorabin.

So if you have to buy your paint try Spotlight first and test out their half litre poster paints.

I’m thinking that temporary is probably going to be better for most circumstances. This “Landscape Chalk” is available at Bunnings for about $8. It is the only place I have been able to find temporary chalk spray paint but would be interested to know if there is a cheaper alternative out there.

I am using vinyl - the sort of stuff that you might make a banner out of - and it is pretty good. I bought mine from Reverse Garbage in Marrickville and it was $5 per metre (150cm wide). If you are going to make a lot of stencils you can buy a 50 metre roll for just $80 which $1.67 per square metre. What you don’t use for stencilling you can always paint up into a banner (a five metre long roadblock banner for less $10 is pretty good value).

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This sits well with our 2nd Demand.
ACT NOW Government must halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025.
It’s useful to think about quotes you want to use within the frame-work of XR Demands (and P’s & V’s). It gives guidance to the other visual elements. If you follow the IMAGE/COLOUR/MESSAGE matrix in the Design Program you might choose to use BLUE and the HOURGLASS - because these are the design elements associated with the second demand. Or maybe for the COVID context the BUTTERFLY to symbolise renewal and (seemingly impossible) extraordinary transformation.
Or something else entirely - but our demands P’s & V’s give a good starting point from which to weigh up your options.
It also suggests possible hashtags that could work well… if you choose to use them #actnow being the most obvious.

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@brad333 's handy paste-up work out west. :heart_eyes:


Thanks Jess, and just for the record, Jess posted these because I was having trouble loading my humble brag.

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And i’m a little trigger-happy with the humble brags but Brad said to say that Pubic Enemy have instructed us to “bring the noise” and I will obey Brad… and Public Enemy. hat’s off to @kate.s too…

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LOL :joy:
Fight The Power :fist:

These are all amazing