👁 Page for scouting, location sharing and forming groups for PTS actions

Hi everyone,

This page aims to make horizontal communication for all those participating in PTS easier.

Here you can:

  • Ask rebels to scout locations for you if those locations are inconvenient for you to scout yourself.

  • Share locations that other rebels can use as targets.

  • Form groups for actions.

  • To share when a action is in progress/done if desired!

Template for action forming:
Local group (if applicable) -
Action location -
Action idea -
Action date -
Sign up-
If anyone thinks of another related function this page could serve feel free to add it.


Postering Map

LG Yarra already has a postering map of our area.
If other groups would like to add to the map, they can do so by creating a new layer for their local area.
Melbourne Postering Map


This link is dead

Try now? That should open in Google Maps, and if you’re on a desktop computer you can click edit which takes you to MyMaps.

That’s cool!
So I’m guessing each red line represents a route that XR Yarra group has done postering on?

It’s just mapping which spots are good to hit for visibility (cos I know the neighbourhood). We haven’t done all of them. But you could add another layer for a particular campaign to mark off the spots you’ve already covered if you were super organised.