Outreach and movement building

Outreach idea, rough form. Seeking thoughts to develop.

This is some kind of pitch to send out to our mailing lists to try and support movement building through our personal networks of “likeness” a response to the continual whiteness of the movement, a way to empower the marginal of our movement and build diversity strenght.

Builders trust builders

Hindus trust Hindus

Latte sippers trust latte sippers

But everyone is affected by the breakdown of our climate and everyone is experiencing the effects of our broken system.

Do you want to talk with your community about the climate and ecological emergency? Do you want the climate movement to engage with the issues your community faces that are interconnected with the ecological emergency? Do we all need to unite not divide, understand as well as be understood, listen and be heard and then raise our voices together and stand together?

If you think the answer is YES and you want support engaging with your community – then get in touch because we want to help train you in delivering the emergency message and also form the connections and bonds between our communities.

This is rough, but what are thoughts?


I think it’s great!

On a separate but related topic. We are just weeks away from orientation week at the universities. A great outreach and talks opportunity. Students trust students. Academics trust academics?

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I am recycling a post I just copied to the discussion on National dates for May, but it is more on this theme of actions and messaging that expand the debate and gain more traction and engagement from outside the environment and social justice communities.

I suggest one option is to engage in an economic debate and call out the current government on their economic and financial mismanagement associated with their current and previous policy position and general poor judgement. Others are already raising this line of debate, Robert Holmes aCourt, Mike Cannon-Brooks, the Reserve Bank Governor, John Garnaut, John Hewson [former leader of the Federal Parliamentary Liberal Party], Malcolm Turnbull [former LNP Australian Prime Minister and leader of the Federal Parliamentary Liberal Party], even that guy from Married at First Site [or is it The Bachelor?] the one who used to co-host Australian Idol. Anyway this thing -

The Sydney Morning Herald – 13 Feb 20

Spare a thought for the human casualties in the great energy transition

Stricter climate rules and plummeting renewable costs will sweep away much of the old global economic order, with fossil states from the Middle East to Russia heading towards social collapse and insolvency.

Where the coal and fossil fuel markets are facing “creative destruction” of epic proportions, as renewables are now cheaper in terms of cost of output. The asset base under-pinning it and the residual share price of associated companies is headed for significant declines in the short to medium term.

I’m keen to see more pressure on the Public Sector Superannuation funds to divest [CSS, PSS and whatever the State Ones are]. Also the Future Fund and also the not for profit Industry Funds. There is already divestment occurring from University endowment funds and private equity, along with a growing number of banks no longer willing to underwrite or supply loans.

I’m trying to get the suggestion up to the Strategy discussions about focusing May 2020 actions in Australia on Government locations in major Capitals.

Sydney, Reserve Bank. 65 Martin Place, Sydney, New South Wales,
Melbourne, Future Fund, unable to find street address of headquarters. But find these people -


Any thoughts on an equivalent Adelaide location?

Canberra has the offices of the Trustee for the CSS and PSS funds.

I think promoting and engaging in a conversation about financial and economic risk and threat would find a very receptive, self-interested and powerful demographic to apply impetuous for change.

As a side note on you reference to Green New Deal, Australia has never had a New Deal [the was a US program] a more suitable term might be Green Accord. But, I don’t think Green is right either, especially as it is name register to a specific political party. Energy Accord? Energy Transition Accord?

Climate Emergency Accord!

Yep sounds good. Trusted messenger stuff using good old fashioned personal networks. Are you coming to the Communication Strategy workshop on Sunday?

Sorry everyone. I keep replying to posts that are several months old! Still learning to drive.

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Yep, it’s fine. One of the useful things about the forum format is that old topics that are still relevant can easily be found and give useful information or be brought back to life to apply to updated contexts as needed.