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I’m looking at a few fairly simple fixes to the website and would love input on the main and footer navs.

My suggestion is to promote to the top nav.
To merge the ‘Get involved’ and ‘Local group’ pages (not sure how to do this from a design pov).
I do wonder what we can do about the page, which is currently only navigable from within or footer.

I haven’t yet thought about the naming of these pages yet. Wanted to get the structure sorted first.

I’ll do a little graphic at some point, thought I’d get up here soonest whilst in my head.

Hi Sarah,

I’m not keen on combining the Get involved and Local group pages.
There’s enough on each of the two pages at the moment. Combining content would make for clutter. And of course local groups / community groups are not the only way to get involved - ie they’re not the same thing and therefore shouldn’t be combined.

Consider renaming the Local Groups tab to Find a group - ‘find’ being a call to action to get engaged with local / community / affinity groups.

Top nav and Take Action black-and-pink buttons on Home page

  1. Top nav:
  • What is XR | Sign up | Get involved | Find a group.
  1. Take Action buttons on the Home page
    You could have four black-and-pink buttons below the heading Take Action:
  • Join the rebellion | Get involved | Find a group | Events and Actions


  • We never use the term ‘branch’ in Aus. Thus change of wording from Find a branch to Find a group.

  • I expected the black-and-pink button Join the rebellion to go directly to the Sign up page. The button could also say Sign up for consistency with top nav.

  • You could add an invitation to sign up to the rebellion on the What is XR page (as well as having it on Get involved).

Viola :seedling:

More on top nav:
Replace What is XR with We are XR.
XR is not an object, it’s people.
Another wording option for Sign up is Join us.

I would suggest “About XR” rather than “We are XR”. I think the former is likely to be clearer to someone who’s come to the website wanting to know ‘what is XR?’.

This is all on hold until website redesign.

If there are any preferences, I suggest putting it into the requirements / specs doc.