National documentation project - Log of questions recieved

This thread is a place to log IT Questions received and the answers given. It is hoped this will give us a better understanding of our users, where they are having difficulties and what needs to be explained more explicitly.

Q. How do I find out what URL to use so I can use the mattermost app on my phone?

A. The URL is the same one as you use to connect through a web browser

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    In WA We have created a MatterMost Guide, that contains the invite link to the WA MatterMost team, from there the links to National and International teams are in the Header of the Town Hall Channel. We ask any rebels inviting others to MatterMost to give them a copy of this guide which is the first link in the Town Hall Header.
    We publicly tell people to ask someone for an invite link. See the infographic below.

    This infographic will be updated once XRWA.Infra have got used to using Base and are ready to support our rebels to use it.