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Soo fucn proud of the XR vic rebellion contribution last week. Last weeks Melbourne Rebellion felt different to the first spring rebellion in many ways, and in some ways I think it was more disruptive and therefore more impactful. Autumn Rebellion was much more sophisticated and focused, than Spring Rebellion.( not saying the spring Rebellion was less, just that we’ve grown and matured so well). I felt our relationship with the police last week was better, with very little aggressive tension between the two groups. We achieved our mass disruption, and the police achieved their aims of protecting us and upholding safety. Great outcome all round with no injuries that I know of. I don’t think we compromised our disruptive mission by improving the relationship with the cops, but the cops did try to gain more ground on controlling XR and that needs resisted, and kept a close eye on by us. Creativity to the individual actions ramped up this Rebellion, and added greatly to the fun and hopefully recruitment. I think $$$ should be spent on building a short film of last weeks Rebellion. A film is our best opportunity to inspire mass enrolment, and exert maximum value out of the work put in by all. The media involvement was interesting and different. Thankfully 7&9 news media ran major coverage of the rebellion, with ABC&SBS no where to be seen. This also adds to the need for a short film. Live streaming this year was very effective. I couldn’t make it to one of the early morning bike swarms, but watched some of it live stream and built my enthusiasm to get there the next morn. The leadership team did an amazing job Thank you Thank you Thank you. The core 20 leadership group were so in-sync which spread a focus and discipline through the rebellion that gave us our unique power and influence. XR Victoria is leading XR Australia in effective climate awareness, and is up there worldwide, especially now while the world is suffering so badly was Covid. Max effort should be spent on a short film. I have so many people telling me how inspired and grateful they are of the rebellion. Raging Love


Great to hear such glowing feedback!


I have not myself thought that the overloading of the legal system was a very alarming possibility for the government. What do you think would be so worrying about civil disobedience arrestees overloading the legal system that would cause it to sue for peace?

With your suggestion of focusing on sustained and long-term mobilisation and movement-building sounds good to me, I’m in complete agreement with that!

Next XR Aus Actions WG Meeting: Autumn Rebellion Debrief and Next Steps

Wednesday April 7, 6pm Sydney time.

Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5256267275?pwd=eEFid3BKQkswZEZBVXNhNXRZY0Q3UT09

With the actions of the week of March 22 all done and dusted, it’s time to debrief and evaluate, reflect on what we’ve learned, and think about next steps.

The group will be going through some changes into the future in how we organize going into this next cycle of action.

All actions organisers welcome. Let me know below if there’s anything you’d like to add to the agenda.

Informal XR Aus Actions Catch-Up

There’s no official Actions WG meeting this week - to give the various state actions coordinators some time to do their thing.

If anyone wants to check in or chat about XR Aus Actions, the fuel blockade, the Money Rebellion or any other actions I’ll be on zoom at 6pm Sydney time.

Action WG: 9am UK, 4pm WA, 5:30PM SA, 6pm AEST, Wednesday - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5256267275?pwd=eEFid3BKQkswZEZBVXNhNXRZY0Q3UT09

My notes from the debrief discussion of Wednesday April 7:

Next Actions WG Meeting: Visioning and Planning

Wednesday April 28, 6pm Sydney time.

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Meeting ID: 525 626 7275

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There are a number of action projects and campaigns emerging around the country, for example:

In order to build our resistance movement, we need to undergo some visioning and discussion about how we will strategically organize and coordinate actions across the country as a self-organizing movement.

I invite actions organisers from around the country to join that discussion this wednesday.

Please RSVP on Action Network or by posting below.

Special Meeting Re: June Fossil Fuel Blockade (All Major Cities)

There is a special meeting to discuss this action today, tuesday 27th April at 6:30pm Sydney time.

6:30pm Sydney Time, Tuesday 27th

Actions Meeting Wednesday April 28


Who Roles / Groups
Max Facilitator
Danny XR Illawarra, XR Sydney Media and Messaging
Jane M XR Vic, XR Aus Media and Messaging
Kelly XR WA Actions
Ronny KARLA Affinity Group (SA)
Shaun Money Rebellion
Julie XR WA, XR Aus Mobilisation
James XR Newcastle, National Fuel Blockade
Lee XR Brisbane Actions
Sam XR Illawarra, XR Sydney Actions
Sandy XR Marion LG (SA)


  • XR Victoria Actions
  • XR Tasmania
  • XR ACT

I note we were able to get a diverse mix of groups represented at the meeting this week.

Meeting Plan / Agenda

The main goals of the meeting were to interconnect members of the various groups, building trust across state boundaries, and clarify the shared purpose we should hold in a national Actions Group.

The goal of interconnecting actions rebels, building trust and communication across state boundaries was worked towards by incorporating participatory meeting processes (the Impromptu Networking and Nine Why’s) for the majority of the meeting.

Shared Purpose of Actions Group

In the Nine Why’s exercise rebels interviewed eachother to uncover the deeper purpose behind our actions, starting with the question of "What do you do when you work on XR actions?"

People responded with things like:

  • Having a core crew with clear roles
  • Have a runsheet
  • Make a plan for the action
  • Keep an eye out for the safety of people during the action
  • Think of the messaging of the action
  • Recruit people to help run the action

This was followed by interviewers then probing deeper to find the purpose behind the activities people engage in, with questions like “Why is that important to you?”. This line of questioning was then repeated several times, “Why? Why? Why?” to go deeper and deeper to the purpose.

At the end of the exercise the group came together to reflect on what the deeper shared purpose of the group was.

The core purpose(s) revealed were:

  • Building a massive and powerful rebellion with lots of people in a fun and rewarding way
  • Carrying out effective actions with a clear purpose and message.
  • Exerting lots of power through our actions to get the 3 demands met and to acheive climate justice.

Sub-purposes revealed were:

  • Getting lots of bums on streets
  • Building numbers, getting people and keeping them
  • Pioneering: Doing something new and different
  • Getting our message out effectively
    • Having good visuals, music and creative flair
  • Having clear roles and a plan
  • Building the confidence and skill of rebels taking action
  • Building strategic and organising ability

How to Proceed As a Group?

With these purposes revealed, I asked the attendees for their help on how to proceed.

With many national actions projects being planned at the moment, and with all participants in the actions group being busy organising their groups and projects, and often hard to reach, or hard to get information from, I find it difficult to prioritize tasks and effectively achieve the purpose of the actions group.

I explained that I have been organising the Actions group in a way that tries to provide interconnection, tension-processing and information in order that these various projects can work in alignment with the shared purpose of XR rebels in Australia, while the in-detail organising of each happens in the dedicated working groups, local groups and affinity groups that will make them happen. How best to support these projects, and proactively plan and organise for the future is the challenge.

The group provided some input on priorities for now.

These are:

  1. Networking and Communication
    • Get people into communication with eachother.
    • Get people onto a shared platform: The Actions and Media channel on Signal.
  2. Hold a mix of formal “working group” meetings, and open and participatory meetings for Actions Rebels - one of each per month if possible.
  3. Start a strategy process.

Spring Rebellion

One part of the discussion was reserved to talk about Spring Rebellion.

At the moment I am receiving pressure from multiple people to set a date for a vaguely defined Spring Rebellion. The same people are not attending Actions WG meetings, and I am not feeling as if any help is being offered to organise the process, and the people applying pressure on me are putting their time and energy into other things. Until this changes, the Spring Rebellion will stall.

Goals for moving ahead with Spring Rebellion planning:

  • Participation of groups that are able to significantly disrupt the economic hubs of Melbourne and Sydney
  • A vision of what the Spring Rebellion would aim to achieve, and how we might achieve it.
  • Feedback and buy-in from a diverse group of rebels across the country who will make it happen.
  • People to help organise the process of visioning and date-setting of the Spring Rebellion.
    • I ran this process for the Autumn Rebellion - it was quite demanding and time-consuming despite being done in a compressed way. I will need help if I am to be involved in the Spring Rebellion visioning and decision-making process.

Groups were encouraged to discuss these questions within their own actions groups so that we can start to move forwards.

I will aim to incorporate Spring Rebellion visioning into the next Actions meeting.

What’s Next?

Upcoming Meetings

  • Wednesday 19th of May: Actions Visioning & Planning Meeting
  • Wednesday 2nd of June: Formal Actions WG Meeting
  • Wednesday 16th of June: Open Actions Meeting

Help Needed

I need people to help run the national Actions Working Group. Anyone who is enthusiastic and willing to learn is eligible.

Things I especially need help with are:

  • Facilitating meetings.
  • Taking notes at meetings.
  • Having 1 on 1 conversations with people.
  • Administering communications platforms.

Apart from that, any and all skills can be used in organising actions - if you have a skill, we can probably find a way for you to use it by involving you in one of the many actions projects going on. If you would like to help out, feel free to reach out to me by messaging me here or on signal, or emailing me at manicmax@protonmail.com .


Please post below, or email me at manicmax@protonmail.com

Upcoming Meetings

Next XR Australia Actions Meeting is Wednesday at 6pm Sydney time.

Come get involved in actions!

This meeting is for everyone to have a chance to talk vision and strategy for actions, connect with other actions rebels, and germinate new actions projects.

Please let me know if there’s anything you need from this meeting.



Actions Meeting Summary Wednesday 19th of May

Apologies for taking so long to get these notes up.

We had a visioning session about how to achieve the share purpose we came up with the previous meeting:

The Vision

The group came up with the following shared vision to advance the purpose over the next six months:

Notes from Tim:

  • Systemising the growth of the Rebellion
  • Hone in on Burnout Prevention/Retention (!!)
  • Organise (more?) National Actions, potentially more targeted - ie. COP26; Minerals Council’s June Gala with the PM.
  • XR Boot Camp!!! Regen & Skills Weekend
  • Normal People actions (less high risk) to balance out actions and connect with community.
  • Helping to “Project Manage” roles within actions (John T)
  • Upskilling existing Rebels to energise the movement.
  • Focusing on hands-on Action planning

We then discussed a few First Steps:

  • National Media & Messaging Strategy / narrative arc
  • Mutual designing of a national Spring Rebellion (separate cities, aim federal)
  • Booking consistent trainings for existing rebels; and tying them to specific actions

The next Actions Working Group meeting is today at 7pm Sydney / Melbourne time. This meeting will be task-focused. State or regional actions groups invited to send a representative, as well as reps from major actions and campaigns, and actions-oriented working groups. Also anyone interested in helping build collaboration on actions across the country.

In the last two meetings, we discussed the shared purpose for the actions group, and then came up with a vision of what to work on in the next six months. Now it’s time to start up a working group to work on the key projects that are needed for effective actions nationwide.

Zoom link here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5256267275?pwd=eEFid3BKQkswZEZBVXNhNXRZY0Q3UT09

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Minutes 2nd June 2021


  • Current Campaigns and Project Updates
    National Fuel Blockade
    Money Rebellion

  • Relationship between XR Aus Actions group and state / regional / local actions groups.

  • Group coordination and support roles (Max needs help)

  • Jane’s Strategy Proposal

  • Regenerative organising and burnout

  • Action and Trainings integration


Brad: Victoria has been approached by Blockade Ironmarc which intends to blockade the conference due in September
Julie: WA Small actions around APPEA.
Kelly: Fuel blockade not appropriate so just outreach. No blockade of refinery. Maybe some arrestable actions in during APPEA conference 14-17th
June https://www.appeaconference.com.au/
John: Sydney going ahead on 10th with Fuel Blockade.
Brad: Westside - If lockdown they will reschedule Fuel Blockade
Brad: Exxon Mobile Community meeting scheduled for Wednesday XX September (sorry I missed the date - John) - XR going to “cook something up” for it. Previously Exxon’s open day was shut down when they heard that XR was going to turn up.

John: Sydney had colourful successful action at Wynyard against NAB with about 30 people.
Sarah: Small NAB action in Adelaide
Brad: Postponed local action. Don’t NAB being embraced by local groups.
Julie: Some people saying it is not really an XR action style.
Brad: The action can always be amped up.
Julie: There is a challenge in communication about the NAB action. How do we solve this? MatterMost should be used and that Signal might be the problem.

Max:How do we best interact without too much duplication? How are the various groups at a state and local levels communicating with each other. How do we best

Brad Tim Kelly Sarah (State)

  • National group helps to keep the actions coordinated and “on brand”.

John John Sam Danny (Local)

  • Need to have national actions being more prominent in the State Newsletters to get better communication and coordination between the states.

Julie Max (National)

  • National groups help to keep cohesion and learning and training. Learning and training needs to be part of our actions.
  • What states need is training from the National group. National helps to coordinate actions across the country.
  • The induction process has broken down a bit.

• General conversation arising from breakout groups.

  • Kelly: wA starter pack might be a way of resolving these issues.

  • Tim: Training really is about how to do actions and then demystifying it. It is a failure to have prerequisites for doing other trainings. National sub group is delivering talks online once a month. Working groups are operating ad hoc. Many people doing multiple jobs. Local groups good at organising actions but not good at coordinated actions which SA and WA have been. National T&T is filling the gap when states are failing to provide training.

  • Max: National Trainings doing a great job. We need to coordinate trainings with the actions. Trainings and actions need to be seen as a part of a campaign.

– Brad; James’ conception of the National Fuel Blockade is that it would become and ongoing campaign.

– Max: Next few months we should have several campaigns that we should stick to and build.


Max: Needs help with scheduling fortnightly meetings. Tim agreed to do it for him.



This was addressed in the conversations above.


Julie: Communication has moved away from MatterMost onto chat apps. Mattermost is more inclusive.

Tim: Mattermost is less secure.

John: Trying to move XR Inner West onto MatterMost and away from Signal.

Next XR Australia Actions Meeting

Wednesday at 6pm Sydney / Melbourne Time

Topic: XR Australia Actions Meeting

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Next XR Australia Actions Meeting

Wednesday July 7th at 6pm Sydney / Melbourne Time

This will be my last actions working group meeting, as I’m stepping down from my roles and position in the national actions working group to focus on activism here in France, and therefore hand it off to the group to organise and facilitate the group from now on.

Join Zoom Meeting:


Meeting ID: 886 1032 8265
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Actions Meeting Notes 16 June 2021

Actions Review

Money Rebellion

No representatives present.

Fuel Blockade

  • Next national fuel blockade in August
  • Aiming to continue talking to unions.


  • 4 people were on the roof of the a politician’s office
  • Sergeio imprisoned for a week
  • Saw growth in XR Bega participation immediately after - 20 people came to LG meeting
  • Group was experiencing some burnout - some SOS structure principles offered by mobilisers

New Actions / Campaigns

Canberra Capital Hill Occupation (John W)

  • Talked to Violet about doing a capital hill action again.

  • Budget week actions happened recently which got good traction with media and got some inroads with politicians.

  • Want to repeat + ramp up actions similar to budget week actions.

  • Have 8+ people willing to work on it at the moment.

  • Aiming for October:

    • 18-21 / 10 Full sitting of parliament
    • 25-28 / 10 Lower house sitting
  • Participation

    • Will be able to invite other groups such as Stop Adani to participate
  • Promotion is critical

    • Media stunts
    • Leafleting
    • Placards
  • Police

    • Budget week police were quite light touch - only arrested because federal pollies were pissed off
  • Polling showed 75% of Canberrans supported Budget Weeks XR Actions


  • Assuming no early election,
  • Occupy capital hill in 3rd and/or 4th weeks of October



  • On bail for spraychalking the Times + lockon in December
    • Timing is good for coming off bail.
  • Ben group:
    • Like the idea
    • Worry about the logistics
      • Simultaneous actions in other states
  • Jane/Danny/Sam
    • Keen
    • Last time circled parliament house
    • Start messaging now
    • Plan depends on election timing
  • Ronny’s group
    • All keen
    • Worry about interstate block on bail conditions
    • Blockade Australia doing actions in November
    • Adelaide will likely have lots of arrests in September
  • Andy Mark Violet
    • Canberra is a good training ground because the police are soft
    • Good learning opportunity
    • Options for low numbers to create high disruption
  • No objections to Capital Hill occupation - John will set up project group.

Prison Campaign (Violet)

  • Movement not growing like in 2019
  • Want to push the overton window
  • Make prison seem less extreme and make other actions more normalized
  • Plan to have dozens of rebels go to prison in multiple actions dispersed across the country
  • Aim for 20 in July
  • Good use of media platforms critical
  • Meeting on friday
  • Are coordinating with XR UK and their Insulate Britain campaign
    • Includes an intermediate demand for dilemma action
    • Considering intermediate demand to attach to prison campaign



  • Have respect for the strategy
  • Don’t have much organisational strength in XR
  • Don’t want many organisers going into prison at once and taking away more capacity


  • Like idea of shifting Overton window within XR
  • Kick people up the butt to get into civil disobedience


  • Major concerns
  • In Perth there is a very small XR group, almost totally excluded from discourse on climate policy
  • Realistically a prison strategy will mean organisers / leaders going into prison
  • What’s the return on investment?


  • Don’t feel need for intermediate demand attached to prison strategy
  • Can offer intermediate steps / actions for people
  • If too many people are lost to prison how much can we do?


  • Sam will do it
  • Good to shift Overton window
  • Don’t alienate people - need to do community-building
    • Brand new people are concerned just about getting arrested

Sarah / David / Lee

  • Might be overambitious
  • Many groups struggling with numbers
  • Got to avoid image of XR as a group only for people who are willing to go to prison

Next Steps

  • Group is organising next round of action with a group of 15 and a core group of organisers
  • Need page on website about people who’ve gone to prison
    • with a ticker of how many are committed
    • Bios, demystifying prison
  • Meeting this friday


  • Too far too fast?
  • Alienating potential new rebels
  • Need to emphasize other ways to be part of rebellion
  • Jane: Strongly against intermediate demand
  • Groups uneasy about low numbers and loss of capacity

Spring Rebellion

When are we doing spring rebellion?

  • Still waiting for state actions groups to talk about what they want to do for spring rebellion and feed that back.
  • All groups please talk about it.
  • XR Youth are doing a spring rebellion of sorts 18th September

Organising the Actions Group

Max needs volunteers to coordinate and organise the national actions group.


  • July
  • Ben

Next Meeting

Next meeting in 3 weeks time (7th July, 6pm)

Hey Max, I cant make this meeting but I want to acknowledge the amazing work you have done for XR Australia & Vic from faraway. Thank you! And also to send my best wishes for your work with XR France. Big hug and :green_heart: :fist:t4:, Rosaria

Correction to zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84171207090?pwd=dDZQdnJ3T0lrN1U3UVpEaEFGaElMZz09

Hi @ManicMax, there was no Bris/Meanjin rep at the June meeting and so we missed the info sharing about the Canberra Capital Hill Occupation. A number of us here are super keen. How do we link with the folk organising please?
Thanks, Lauren

Hi National Actions,

I recently received an email from Avaaz calling for action in the lead up to the UN Biodiversity Summit which will happen on 11th October and the global Climate Summit on 31 October – 12 November 2021.

The UN Biodiversity Summit will happen in October, and aims to end the extinction crisis with bold new protections for nature. And then just a few weeks later, the global Climate Summit: our best chance to secure new commitments to avoid a climate catastrophe

I think this could be an opportunity for us to push in the same direction. Either at the same time or to extend the time the message is in the public eye.

I’d also like to suggest that we pick our dates with regard to the moon phases since people are influenced by these phases and we should be using this to our advantage. The waxing moon, from 1st quarter to full (Sept 13th to 20th) is best for social public interaction. Friday 17th September is a very good day for Action.

I understand there has been proposed a Spring Rebellion in September/October in the week 25th September to 3rd Oct. The idea being to have it during the School Holidays.
Unfortunately this is the last quarter of the moon phase where at least a 1/4 of the population will be feeling like just staying home and nurturing themselves. This is a regen week. The following week would be better.

Please ask me for more explanation if you’re interested. It’s also important to remember that while the moon clearly does influence us humans it’s certainly not the only thing that influences us and I am in no way suggesting that we place it above other practical influences like whether school students will be on holiday. It’s a natural cycle that influences us and I believe that considering and working with natural cycles is part of the change we need to see in our society. :wink:

Notes: Actions Meeting 7th July 2021

Jane’s Strategy Workshop Report-Back


  • General consensus is:
    • Have a spring rebellion
    • 3 days maximum
    • Aim at families
    • Aim for solidarity with children
    • Do something in Canberra before COP


  • Lots hinging on timing of elections - more likely to be in March now due to poor polling for the LNP

Organising the Actions Group

Max is leaving the actions group, in order to continue the group, members of the group will have to organise it.
Max has been serving this group in the roles of:

  • Meeting facilitator
  • Internal coordinator
  • External coordinator
  • Zoom booker
  • Minute taker

Report-backs from breakouts to discuss continuing the group

Di/Dave/Danny/Debbie group

  • Share roles
  • Be clear about the purpose of the group

Lisa’s group

  • Discussed the purpose of the group - trying to come to an agreement

Harald / Julie’s group

  • Important group
  • Need to work together without micromanaging eachother
  • Useful for debriefing from actions, sharing learnings, etc

Brad / John / Sam’s group

  • Good to organise national actions - need representatives
  • Aim for a common vision and maximizing shared resources

Volunteers to organise the actions group
Trish - Keeping track of what’s going on (internal coordinator)
Lisa - Sharing zoom details with people

Spring Rebellion

What are the various XR regional groups thinking with respect to Spring Rebellion?

  • Victoria (Brad)
    • XR Youth Victoria organising a 2-3 day rebellion
    • Also talk of a regional rebellion
  • NSW (Sam)
    • Happy to go along with what others do
    • Prefer september
  • Queensland (Rob)
    • Don’t really have anything planned atm
  • WA (Ben)
    • Trying to organise a mass action 23rd July coinciding with a court case with the extroardinary emergency defense
    • No deep conversation happening on spring rebellion
    • Planning to start a “Stop new gas” campaign
  • South Australia (Ronny)
    • Fuel blockades coming up - not necessarily with arrests - August 19
    • Suggest week of monday 27 September for spring rebellion - school holidays in 4 states?
    • Cross-movement actions in school holidarys
    • Climate crisis ampout
      • Greens
      • SS4C
      • Outreach & Awareness

Max: Suggestion that SA, Vic an NSW work together on a spring rebellion?
Rob: Queensland too.
Debbie: We need to talk together about dates and tone.
Ronnie: How about week of september 27?

  • No objections
  • WA to talk about it with their group
  • Someone should reach out to victoria actions group to check with them.

Who wants to talk more about organising spring rebellion?

  • Ronnie
  • Debbie
  • Julie
  • Ben
  • John T
  • Sam N
  • Lauren

Campaign Updates

  • Stop New Gas is in the works

    • WA building huge gas project (Burrup Hub), bigger than Adani
      Lee: Gas could be focus of september
  • Prison strategy

    • Sam can give info if anyone needs it.
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