Mineral Council of Australia have a Climate Action Plan

Mining’s net zero-emissions future
Last week the MCA was proud to launch its Climate Action Plan as part of the Australian minerals industry’s ongoing commitment to decarbonising the economy and addressing climate change.

The plan outlines how the MCA and its members are taking action on climate change as part of the minerals industry’s collective commitment to the Paris Agreement and its goal of net zero emissions.

The Plan’s three core objectives are:

  • Enabling the potential of technology to decarbonise the minerals sector
  • Increasing transparency in reporting
  • Sharing of practical knowledge on climate response.

The Climate Action Plan will be reviewed annually and publicly reported on to ensure it remains consistent with Australia’s climate policy ambitions in support of the Paris Agreement.

The plan shows that the industry not only has the ambition to decarbonise the sector – it also has an action plan to get there.

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MCA Climate Action Plan_22_June_20.pdf (2.6 MB)

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Minerals Council of Australia are keen for Australia’s nuclear future… here’s their latest email update

Untapped Potential: Australia’s nuclear future
Earlier this year nuclear experts from around the globe assembled in Sydney at the International Youth Nuclear Congress 2020 to discuss the extraordinary untapped potential of uranium and nuclear energy.

MCA interviewed many IYNC participants who are experts in nuclear science, technology, medicine and more. Their views on the possibilities and future potential of nuclear energy and technology in Australia are being promoted across Australia along with interviews and infographic videos based on the MCA’s publication Untapped Potential.

This campaign busts the myths and misconceptions surrounding nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is a safe, readily deployable, zero emissions power source and should be included in Australia’s energy mix.

Videos include:

Watch these videos and more on our YouTube channel.

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