[Meta]Reorganizing the National Discussion Category

So, the National Discussion category has been taking off and is getting quite big. At this point I think it’s worth splitting it up into other categories based on theme.

For inspiration, this below is what the full XR France Base looks like (click for full image). Most rebels don’t see anywhere near the entire thing because many of the categories are semi-private, for people to join according to context, e.g. local groups and campaign categories.

I had a little look at what we have so far in the National Discussion category and came up with this:

The jamboard that was used to make this image is here, just in case anyone wants to mess around with it.

Each of the blue post-its is a current topic in National Discussion. The Green post-its are the categories that I think would appropriately cover them. The French Base (above) has each of these categories as their own stand-alone categories with several sub-categories each. What the French Base have which we haven’t discussed much here are: Infrastructure (finance, IT, legal, insurance) and Research and Systemic.


So, given the above, my proposal is:

  • To create the following new sub-categories nested under National Discussion :
    • Strategy
    • Actions
    • Regenerative Culture
    • Media and Messaging
    • Outreach / Movement Building
    • Training
    • Self-Organizing Systems
    • Infrastructure
    • Research
  • To move the existing topics in National Discussion into the above categories as appropriate.
    In future we can switch them all into big stand-alone topics with their own subcategories.

Let me know what you think. Let me know if I’m missing anything that should be added for now. Cheers! :slight_smile: