🎤 Messaging Guidelines for Paint the Streets

This topic is for discussing and refining the messaging guidelines for Paint the Streets.
The current messaging guidelines are contained in the “Messaging” section of the Paint the Streets Australia Guide.

These messaging guidelines have been put together by @JaneM, with input from @Tee, @Dr.DML and other rebels.

:mask: There has been previous discussion on the Base on XR Messaging and Political Action during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

This includes a compilation by @janem of several messaging resources:


Cross-posting this from the “Strategic Directions” topic - it seems the “Closed for Good” / “No Going Back” message has a lot of traction. XR Tasmania is taking it up in conjunction with XR UK’s “Closed for Good” campaign.


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Fantastic support here - are there any stencil ‘cutouts’ for the suggested slogans available on line for tracing over - save soooo much time over having to create the stencils from scratch! thank you

Hey Karen, there’s a folder of stencils here - look in Text Stencils and No Going Back folders for some words & slogans. Will keep adding to the folder so check back, or call out for any requests :slight_smile:

What about larrikin messaging:

Beaches not Bunnings

Here’s more info


Sounding the alarm: talking about existential threat … and rebellion
Friday 26 June 5pm – 6pm AEST. Zoom presentations and discussion

Fear does work! This event will cover the research that backs strong climate emergency messaging and Roger Hallam’s approach to Extinction Rebellion talks and media events.

Jane Morton, clinical psychologist and author of Don’t mention the emergency? will summarise the research that backs the power of emotionally congruent messages that include a personally relevant threat plus proportionate action.

Roger Hallam, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, and author of Common Sense for the 21st Century: Only non-violent rebellion can stop climate breakdown and social collapse, will explore XR’s use of simple and clear, but intensely emotional communication.

You will need to RSVP via this link to receive the Zoom call details. There will be a limit of 100 people on the call.

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