💣 Large scale "Blitz" actions

One of the things that we talked about in the breakout group on strategic escalation of Paint the Streets was to have a climactic large-scale action to mobilize for - some sort of centralized “blitz”.

I’d like to open this topic as a place to brainstorm and discuss what such an action might look like.

I’m quite open on this and I think it’s good to get lots of ideas out there that we could work towards, such as:

  • something as loose as asking all paint-the-streets affinity groups to do their thing in different parts of their state capital CBD, all on the same night / day, so people in the city suddenly see XR art and messages all across the CBD when they come into work.
  • a mass-arrest action - people spray-painting the walls of their state parliaments one by one in a dilemma action
  • blocking a symbolic major city intersection with a die-in, painting around the bodies on the ground and painting murals on the walls and ground around it

or maybe doing all of the above simultaneously?
What other ideas do people have?