International Rebellion 3 Dates


The Process

The Extinction Rebellion International Support Team has just facilitated a zoom meeting of representatives from around 40 countries to discuss dates of rebellion.

This came off of the back of state representatives meeting to discuss a consensus date for Australia, and regional coordinators meeting to discuss a consensus date for Victoria. (I don’t know the processes that went on in other states).

Preferred Dates

The Victorian preferred date was from the 18th of April. This was a compromise as many groups wanted to start earlier to have warmer weather and to channel outrage from the fires, and others wanted to start later to have more time to organize

The Australian consensus date was the week from the 2nd of May, with Victoria alone standing aside. This was based on allowing time to organize, and because polling by the International Support Team had most international XR groups preferring the 2nd of May or 23rd of May as the kickoff date. The 2nd was preferred from these choices due mostly to weather. (NB: Tasmania and the Northern Territory were unrepresented, and some groups were only giving preliminary opinions).

During the IST meeting a consensus formed to not have a singular date but to have a wave of rebellion around the world, starting 13th of April, having a crescendo in the week of 2nd May, continuing through the week of 23rd May and punctuated by an action at the EU summit 17-18 June - with countries slotting themselves into these timeslots.

Here’s a list of dates already decided or that countries are leaning towards:


  • Netherland 13.4 13 April

  • XR US - Week of Action on April 20. This includes Earth Day 2020 – 28.4

  • XR Belgium probably another big action in April in addition to June 17 and 18

Early May

  • Australia would prefer 2nd May

  • Canada , 2 May, and June would have been better.

  • Finland : First Best - 2 May; Second best: 23 May. (also 4th of May as the 1st May is a BIG party for students)

  • France the action planning team planned the next rebellion for the 2/4th of May

  • Germany (Berlin) will start on the 4th

  • Iowa, US - Early May

  • Aotearoa New Zealand : 2nd - 9th of May

  • Phoenix, Arizona, US : Early May would be better for desert climates

Late May

  • Argentina , 23rd May -PRO 25MAY is holidays so may extend from 23 to 25 CONS idem

  • Czech Republic : 23rd of May

  • Hungary, end of May - we just learned that the last year high school exams will be on the first week of May

  • Poland , 23 May (beginning of May are National Holidays)

  • XR UK, 23rd of May. CONFIRMED

  • Spain, 23 May (1st of May are National Holidays) UNCONFIRMED

  • Colombia, 23 May


  • Norway 2nd June

  • Sweden 6th June

  • XR Belgium 17, 18 june, with several days of actions (final decision not fully taken yet) + probably another big action in April

  • Grand Région Luxembourg will coordinate actions with Belgium/Brussels for the EU summit 17-18 June, for double impact (in planning)

The Australian Wave?

Some implications from this:
Australia had a consensus for starting on the 2nd of May, with only Victorian local groups wanted to go earlier (the week of 18th of April - when the USA goes). This means that Victoria has to make a decision on when to actually start. Does Victoria start with the rest of Australia or go its own way?
Another idea that came up in the national discussion was whether there could be state capital rebellions early, followed by a convergence of rebels in Canberra for the Federal Parliament sitting later in May. XR ACT was very happy to discuss this idea and host rebels from other states.


If a rolling rebellion has been agreed on then my view is let’s go with an Australian national Rebellion week, starting on 2nd May (though as a Victorian my preference is 18th April). Other dates e.g. going to Canberra for budget week, EU summit can be organised separately in my opinion.

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Also, I think federal budget date is 12th May 2020 @ManicMax

While I have been a strong supporter of an April date, given Australia wide support for 2nd May, I think it is better to go with that. It may be a bit colder, but we are tough!


Oops yeah, I thought it was May 23 because I thought the ACT rep was spruiking those dates. Oh well. Corrected in the post.

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Yes that is the current scheduled date for the Federal Budget. - this is a joint process by Extinction Rebellion and a growing number of other groups.

The first actions are this week from Sunday 2nd February through to Thursday. This is the first sitting week of Parliament, with another phenomenal heatwave, active fires, and weeks of persistent hazardous smoke building the atmosphere and mood among the general populace.

Suggestion under discussion is that the People’s Climate Assembly returns to Parliament House for the Budget Week sitting. Idea being to put parliament on notice this week that the budget has to include funding and policies for actions. For Extinction Rebellion that would be out three demands.

A schedule of local XR actions across the country through late April and first week of May would emphasise the messaging that actions have to be funded in this years budget. Genuine mitigation and transition actions, not Soot’s “adaption and remediation” barrels of pork he intends to lob out over LNP and marginal electorates via showering the usual suspects with more cash and government contracts.

Sorry, tired and cranky from weeks of not enough sleep due to heat and smoke so best I leave more comment and contribution for later. Big week of activity and action coming up.


I would prefer late May, after the next big school strike. It makes sense so that we don’t take attention away from the student movement, and as an escalatory tactic after a strike.

I don’t think Victoria should have a separate date. If the consensus around Australia is 2nd May, Victoria should go with that.

What date is the next big school strike?

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UK now confirmed for 23 May. Their announcement:

The announcement you’ve been waiting for…




The truth is out about the Climate and Ecological Emergency and the stakes have never been higher. We will come together this year with renewed strength and focus :muscle:t5::heart::person_in_lotus_position:t3:‍♀

:male_detective:t3:‍♂:male_detective:t4:‍♀Over the past few months we’ve listened to rebel voices, heard from experts and gathered insights. Next week, the XR UK 2020 Strategy will be released.

🙅🏽‍♂👩🏻‍🎨Expect something bolder, more creative and more innovative than ever before.

For now, save 23rd May 2020 in your diary :watch: Book time off work and think BIG!

More information will drop next week… :eyes:

:money_with_wings::pound:To help make this happen, consider becoming a regular supporter. You can make a donation of £6 / £12 / £25 / £50 a month to help make history:

With love and courage,


Please share and support!

In my humble opinion (as a Victorian) I think we join Australia for the 2nd May. One of my initial reasons for joining XR was that our unified ‘branding’ allowed the movement to appear more internationally/nationally organised that what it actually is – and I think coordinated timing of events also aids in this.
Also, with work being done on a National SOS WG, and the reinvigoration of this platform which encourages national discussion (thanks Max) - we may be in a better position coordinate nationally this coming rebellion, and unified timing would reflect that. It’s worth a shot anyway!


Yep May 2 is confirmed for Victoria.


Some other dates:
Both Houses of Parliament sit 12,13 and 14 May for the budget session, so that seems like a good time to go back to Canberra. UK Rebellion date is starting 23 May and they are thinking of targeting Murdoch in a coordinated action with Australia (if we are interested) and the USA. So those dates could work.

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Could be like three shorter waves - one starting May 2 that is more local, building to one in Canberra May 12-14, followed by one focussed on the Murdoch press starting 28,29 and 30 May, linking up with similar actions planned in Sydney, New York and London…

The shorter waves would need to be not too exhausting if we were to do all three. Perhaps three mini-waves of three days each, rather than one wave of seven days.


I think the UK experience suggests that just trying more of the same and hoping it will be bigger is not a great idea, especially if the weather is unkind as it was in London in October - and as it could be in May down south. Perhaps a smaller number of (hopefully) spectacular actions rather than a week-long series of actions for May 2 and put serious effort into bussing people to Canberra for budget week?

I think the next school strike is 15 May? If so then a Canberra event 12-14 could build to a big SS4C in Canberra - as well as round the rest of Australia

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I think school strike is 15 May