Got nothing to do for the next few weeks- Please Help Recruit Mobilisers

Anyone interested in working on a Campaign to get a bunch of people to sign up to be mobilisers for the Mass mobilisation project?

We have a small project working group and would love your ideas and passion to be involved too. The aim is to get about 30 people who are keen to be full time mobilisers and ready to go through the mobiliser training beginning 12th November.

It’ll be a social media and hopefully ‘real world’ campaign too! The basic idea is that, like the Big Organising model used in US to get volunteers doing so much for the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2016, we have a BIG ASK - dedicate yourself to be a fulltime mobiliser for 6 months - because we are in a Diabolically bad situation. Inspire people to step-up to be their biggest, best, bravest self. If you are interested please PM me :slightly_smiling_face: