Getting XR Youth engaged and empowered

I’m wondering if it would be worth adding an option somewhere, maybe on the website - or it could be even occasional FB or Insta posts - inviting people 20 and under to sign up to an XR Youth mailing list so that we can help support the XR youth to come together.

Thinking of the Childrens Marches (Civil rights movement), that was incredibly powerful when all the school kids got arrested.

I know there are orgs in this youth space, but are they telling the whole truth and communicating the most effective methods of action for the youth? ie civil disobedience?

@Marco-4-Planet-Earth what do you think ?


I think it would be really helpful for recruitment, to have somewhere on the website for peeps under 25 to sign up to XRY.

There is indeed a lot of power when the youth mobilise, and i think your right in saying that the forms of civil disobedience utilised by XR is not very dominant in youth groups and from my experience is discouraged a fair bit.

And of course being included in facebook and insta posts, however atm we haven’t done a great job in utilising socials