Creating a category for a national media and messaging working group

Hi, can we please have a category for the above (forming) group), the first level of it doesn’t need to be private, and it is probably best not private so as to allow for communications with other (potential) groups. Within this will be subgroups.

Hi Alice, I’ve made the group for you and made you owner of the group so that you can add other users to the group. I just want to confirm whether you need the new category right away or whether your group can post topics in National Discussion for now? This is just to avoid proliferation of lots of empty categories as the Base is just getting started - we can always add the category later and move the relevant topics into there.

I can make a private category for the group as well.

That’s a good question! Hmmm. I am thinking of this as part of setting up the framework for the group to develop. Base seems to allow for collaboration on decisions, document and policy collaboration and so on, and to hold the history well so roles can easily be transferred.

I see a need for a collaboration space for this WG, not so much a discussion space, so that’s why I think a category is useful rather than using the National Discussion. Will it be an empty category? Hm, possibly. Let’s see… If it doesn’t help with the group forming after a few weeks, we can scrap it. We have a meeting on Monday so we can put something in it after that (eg, in order to collaborate on the group’s mandate, if that’s what others want to do).

Adam @Thurtinkle, any thoughts on this - do you think this forum might help with collaboration? Collaboration in setting up the structure and policies of this group, and then whatever may come after.

Alice I saw this post and realized I must have mis-interpreted you - I have set up a private National Media and Messaging WG category nested under National Discussion for you.