🎨 Block printing

Block printing is one of the most recogniseable visuals of the Rebellion. You can make your own blocks from wood, lino, or any other way you can think to make stamps/printing blocks.

:point_right: How to print:

:hammer_and_pick: Making print blocks
There are many great tutorials and resources online for lino & wood cutting, from transferring your image onto your carving material, all the way through to finishing your block.

:framed_picture: Artwork, font & logos to use

:rainbow: Inspiration

:speaking_head: Connect
Post a reply here, or chat to other rebels on the Mattermost channels below (you will need to be logged in to Mattermost in the relevant state/national team).

VIC: Arts Factory
Other states: Please add details! Click the Edit icon below this post to add a link for your state.

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:sparkles: New block-making resources :sparkles:

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