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Banner making is a great way to spend a day with fellow rebels. The type of banner you make will depend where you want it to go. Is it for a bridge/overpass? for a march? to block a road? Will you carry it? Do you need to smuggle it in?

Will your banner need handles, or pole pockets, or eyelets for rope?

We’ve learnt a lot through trial and error.

:art: :scissors: Materials and how to

Bedsheets from the op-shop are a good place to start for material. You can cut them in half & sew short ends together to make a long banner.

The easiest way to get your design onto your fabric is to use a projector, and trace the outlines with chalk or a Sharpie, then fill in the design with paint.

Use any paint you can get your hands on, but make sure it’ll be waterproof if there’s any chance your banner will be out in the rain.

We’ve had success with watered-down fabric printing ink (Permaset Aqua) - you need to water it down a bit so it’s loose enough to paint with, but not so much that it drips everywhere. Acrylic house paint is also an option. Either way, iron over the paint when it’s dry, to help cure it and make it water-fast.

PDF downloads:
How to sew a banner
Making, using and hanging your own banner

:thinking: :bulb: Inspiration

:speaking_head: Connect
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This gem of a video shows how to make crossbar flags, banners & placards:
:film_projector: Art Tips for Activists

(Link via Herry a while ago, thank you)

This is so good! I love how the Arts folk have put these resources together so well on the base. In some ways I wish they were just on the main webpage. I’m about to try sharing this page with an xr newcomer who wants to do banner stuff and suss out the ‘level of entry’ to get on here. What do people think though - would this kind of stuff ideally be on the website and really accessible like the UK XR website?