AusMM Legal working group Infrastructure requirements

Hi, starting here, I am copying in an email from Claire (Tas) re the last meeting and the next meeting.

Next Legal WG meeting is proposed for Tuesday 2nd of June at 5.30pm.

The proposed agenda items are:

  • updates round re. action points
  • approve / settle on mandate and roles
  • how to communicate/approach state legal reps
  • deciding action designs to share with EDO for legal support

Please add any that I may have missed :slight_smile:

Love and courage

Here is the team contact list link: please add your details if they are not there.

So far we have discussed that the type of resources available at Legal Info - Extinction Rebellion and / or Action Ready seem to be the type of information that we want to be able to provide for rebels, with each state providing this information suitable for the legal environment in their state.

Here is an excerpt from an email that was early on in this group formation summarising some of the goals and initial suggested structure:

This is a developing working group in the Australian Mass Mobilisation project that also seeks to support XR nationally by creating this national data base. We acknowlege that many legal working groups/NGO’s/Academics and legal firms/professionals have already achieved a significant amount of work in their states and we will be contacting them shortly. Claire is in the National XR Legal working group as it currently exists.

Claire is the group coordinator and we are structuring the group through a SOS process. The working group is at the stage of mandates, responsibilities and roles. This week we are taking the mandate to the Actions Group of the AusMM for an objections round.

Can you please refer any interested rebels to Claire for on boarding into a role or to provide clarity on how they can contribute resources/contributions. If you would like to take the role of the IT link that would be fantastic! and Claire can add you into the working group email thread and you can attend the meetings, otherwise if you don’t have capacity, please forward any interested IT rebels to Claire.

Here is how the group is currently structured.

Claire - External coordinator/AusMM Action group link
Christie - Regen advocate/ Global Support Regen and outreach
Peter - Research, information architecture/ AusMM Actions
Professor Ben Richardson - Information categorisation
Professor Nicole Rogers - Advisor and outreach
Laura - Actions coordinator AusMM/ Sydney NVDA coordinator
Sarah - AusMM admin/ Oceana Regional Liaison
Alice - Global Support SOS external Coordinator

Please invite people to this topic on the base if they are interested in discussing the development of the infrastructure for enabling this project.

Let me or the other @staff know if the AusMM Legal Working Group needs a private category here on the Base. We can also make a public category somewhere specifically for legal talk.

Hi Max, sure, Chris suggested we make a topic in teh infrastructure
category so I have started one there, can we make a private one as
well and I will circulate that one to the team working on it?
They have a basic infrastructure need that I would summarise as access
to a CMS that can have editors / authors for articles , a wordpress
installation would be good or similar trusted CMS.
Thanks, lets chat re pledge mandates when you get a chance… there is
a doc in the mandates folder on the AusMM drive.

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Hi Max, I made a base page for this AusMM Legal working group but I think it would be better to have it private, not public yet, and accessible to just the group for now, is it possible for you to set this up for the one I made (in the infrastructure category), and invite a list of people to have access?


The category is up! You can add whoever you want through the group page.