Affinity, Local and Community Groups Directory

An effective movement has effective communications throughout it’s entire network. For that reason I want to build a directory of all the affinity groups, local groups and community groups in XR, and how to reach them.

Here’s what I have so far, help me build it!
I will add updates as they come in.

:arrow_right:This post is in wiki-mode :writing_hand:, which means every rebel can add their local group to the directory.
:point_right:Click on the small square with the pencil at the bottom right of the post, then add or edit your group information. If you are new to wiki, you can copy the format from another group :wink:

Local Group Directory:

I am building a full list of local groups here. Please add your own groups using the template below.
I am also building a single line that contains the emails of all local groups - at the end of this post.

  • Template - Local Group Name
    • Region:
    • Email:
    • Facebook:
    • Email Newsletter Signup:
    • Link to website
    • Contact phone number
    • Other relevant pages

State Local Group Directories

The movement’s organising has centred around various XR State groups, which may have their own directories.

:thinking: Western Australia

I know they have somewhere in the ballpark of 10 local and affinity groups.
I will reach out to my WA contacts @XR6333 , @rosahicks , @ebu , @gerard to help me reach them.

:hourglass: South Australia

South Australia has an affinity group network that links up all their affinity groups. I’m in the process of re-establishing contact with that network through an SA member who attends the national Actions WG meetings.

:white_check_mark: Victoria

XR Vic Local Group Support and Development List of Victorian Local and Community Groups

Victoria has 25 LG’s and 7 community groups.

XR Victoria also has a fortnightly local group support and development zoom meeting on thursday evenings facilitated by @Serena . Their minutes are here . Around 15 local groups sent a representative to the last one. They also have an actions meeting on the alternate thursdays that local groups are invited to. So you can quickly reach a bunch of local groups through that group or by contacting Serena.

Victoria Local Groups Directory

Community Groups:

:thinking: NSW

New South Wales is the backyard of XR Sydney. I am unaware of a list being managed of NSW local groups, but XR Sydney might have one.

I can reach out to about half a dozen through my contacts - Illawarra, Taree, Wingham, Newcastle, Blue Mountains, Sydney, Sydney Inner West, Mid Coast. Plus the NSW red rebels.

:hourglass: Australian Capital Territory

The Budget week rebels probably know the best way to contact this group.
@JaneM ?

:hourglass: Queensland

I have contacted @robbw for the details of the various Queensland local groups. He said the info exists and he’s passed it to @Val recently. I’m chasing that up.

:hourglass: Tasmania

There are two Tasmania local groups - north and south.
I will chase up the info from Jackie from Tasmania.

Local Groups on the Website

There’s a listing of local and community groups on the website. This contains inactive groups, and is somewhat labour-intensive for anyone who wants to contact all of the LG’s simultaneously.

The process for adding new LG’s to the website is here.

Action Points

Keep a log of things to do and things waiting on here. Put your username above action points if you’re taking them on.

  • @ManicMax
    • Waiting for Qld groups from @Val or @robbw
    • Waiting for XR SA Affinity Group network details from Sarah

To Do

  • Contact WA rebels about WA local groups
  • Contact Sydney and NSW rebels about NSW local groups.
  • Contact Tasamania about Tassy local groups.

To Email All Local Groups

Just copy paste this into the “To:” field of your email.

NB: Currently only contains Victorian LG’s:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Community Groups:;;;;;;

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Tasmanian Local groups - happy to provide details - what do you need?

Hi Cass!
Would you be able to fill this out for the groups and add to the directory?

Template - Local Group Name

  • Region:
  • Email:
  • Facebook:
  • Email Newsletter Signup:
  • Link to website
  • Contact phone number
  • Other relevant pages

Note: I used an excel formula to automatically fill out the template using the XR Victoria Local Groups Directory excel file managed by the Local Group Support team.

The formula is this:

=TEXTJOIN(CHAR(10) & "   ",TRUE,"* XR "&C10,"* Region: "&B10,"* Email: "&E10,"* Facebook: "&D10,"* Email Newsletter Signup: "&F10,CHAR(10))

Put this in a cell to the right of the “Victoria” line and then copy down.

Will get to asap. But don’t know how to add to directory.

Great to have this resource. @robbw is the best contact for Qld . I am just helping gather contact details for LG page of as part of my Web WG role.

You just click “edit” underneath.

@viola of interest…?