Action Planning Template

Could somewhere please drop a link to the action planning template in this thread? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

:closed_book: The Actions Cookbook has links to basic Actions Recipes and to the XR UK Guide The How-To Guide to Planning Effective NVDA.

Where is the safest place to store an Action plan doc? I don’t really want it in a google doc.


Hi @Bltait, does it contain details of specific actions or just general advice?

  • Specific action details (if they must be written down at all) should be stored in end-to-end encrypted crypt-pad and only shared with the affinity group(s) involved on a need-to-know basis.
    Access Crypt-Pad by hovering your mouse over the image button at the top of the page and a set of ‘flyout links’ with appear. Crypt-Pad is the one on the right Crypt-pad-icon

  • If the information is more general, i.e. not incriminating in and of it’s self, then NextCloud ( is an appropriate place to put it.
    Access to NextCloud is via vouching by an already registered XR Group in Australia. If your group isn’t registered yet then we need to register it with a protonmail email account that is shared by and only accessible to, the coordinators of your group. NextCloud ( provides similar resources to google for XR groups to store and collaborate on documents but it is owned and controlled by XR Australia (National IT Working Group).
    Please contact for assistance to setup your group.

Thanks. All sorted - we used Crypt-Pad